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Apple : SIRI To Provide A Questionnaire For People With COVID-19 Queries


David Mudd

Apple is taking adequate measures to play its role as a responsible firm. With the chaos of rumors spreading regarding coronavirus, Apple has updated SIRI. So, you can now ask your SIRI about your queries. This was done to ensure that people can get the right information. This time is of crucial use and we can’t let it go.

People are relying on many uncertified sources to get information on the pandemic. This can cause another level of chaos which can be very stressful to deal with. So, the right platforms must take up the responsibility. Spread of the right information can improve this situation significantly.


About The Latest Update

This latest update of Apple has provided SIRI with a questionnaire. So, you can ask SIRI about your queries regarding the pandemic. For the people that face the symptoms, SIRI will advise them to call 911. This can help many people solve their queries. Also, the information is regulated and verified.

So, people will get the right information. Moreover, those infected will be reported at the right time. This can reduce the number of people that are infected by those people. So, the situation can come into great control. It can help ease the stress off of people. They’ll have better information sources around them.

People will moderate conditions will be advised to stay home. Also, the people that show drastic symptoms will be encouraged to get medical assistance. This will get people going at a better place. So, we can together get through this pandemic.

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More Steps By Apple


Apple has always been responsible for its role in this situation. It has earlier shifted many events online and postponed others. Also, it has been updating the App Store to feature the right apps with information about coronavirus. It is also promoting this health awareness video on coronavirus.

This video is featured prominently on iTunes, App Store and its official website. Tim Cook has announced that they will donate millions of N95 masks to healthcare officials as well. This news was given yesterday and this step is quite appreciated.

Your Role 

You should ensure that you don’t panic in this situation. Get your information from the right sources. Only trust verified agencies for any information. Also, don’t rely on forwarded messages for any information. Try to understand the situation well. Do take the necessary precautions. Don’t panic about any situation.