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Apple: Should You Buy Apple Stock? Latest Stock Market Details


David Mudd

In April, the share price of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) climbed 15.5%. It slid a little in March by 7% when the outbreak of coronavirus hit. But it got recovered by last month’s performance. Even though there were problems with production and shipment, Apple unveiled its second-generation iPhone SE. Besides, It started pre-order of the product along with shipment to limited areas. It helped it to achieve a little more advantage in the numbers.

When the market closed on April 30, A rough fall of 1.4% was noted. The sales on the iPhone decrease over the year. But other wearable products came for Apple’s rescue. Besides, the company’s total share trade is not satisfying which is under the average target analyzed for this year’s earning. After all, Apple is one of the giants which have the capital to outlast the COVID-19 with a $192.8 billion. This includes cash or cash equivalents and marketable securities.


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Current Stock Market Performance

In the last 5 days of data, the highest opening is at 295.06 and reached the highest rate of 301.00 today on May 6. Besides, the previous close is registered at 293.16. If we look at the performance in the last 52 weeks. It achieved the highest rate of 327.85 while the fall to the lowest is on 170.27.

In February, the company made it to a market capital at 1.398T. Then it fell down amid the coronavirus outbreak got much serious in the country. It was at 1.042T. By the end of April, it got its pace back again and the last closed rate shows a market capital of 1.290T for May 5, 2020.


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