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Apple: MacBooks With Improved Keyboards To Be Released Soon By Apple


David Mudd

Apple is all set to release MacBooks with new and improved Keyboards soon. This is something that the MacBook users have been wanting since a considerable time. The company will get rid of the butterfly keyboard. Read ahead to know more.

How Do Normal Keyboard Keys Work

Before we talk about butterfly and scissor keys, let’s take a look at the basic normal keyboard keys. Normally the keyboard contains a rubber cone layer that is mounted between the frame and membrane circuit.

When the key switch is pressed or depressed, the corresponding rubber cone is compressed and forced downwards to trigger the membrane circuits. This produces a respective electrical signal.

What Is Butterfly Keyboard?

Butterfly keyboard gets the name butterfly it looks a bit like the wings of a butterfly. Butterfly keys have a wide ‘V’ shape with a hinge in the middle of the two crossing supports.

The problem with butterfly keys is that food, debris, and dirt particles often get settled in the small space between the keys and the internal base of the keyboard. This affects the mechanism of the keyboard and depressing a key can become an issue at times.

What Is Scissor-Switch Keyboard?

In the scissor-switch keyboard, the keys are attached to the keyboard via two plastic pieces. These two pieces interlock in a scissor-like fashion. The Scissor switch keyboard has 3-layer membranes which serve as the electrical component of the switch.

This type of keyboard is typically a bit expensive when compared to a butterfly and general keyboard system. The scissors keyboard is generally quite. The keys require little force to press.

Apple Replacing The Butterfly Switch With Scissors Switch

In November 2019, Apple was planning on releasing a 13 or 14inch MacBook Pro with the new scissor keyboard introduced on the 16inch model. Last week in an interview, Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo made it official that the new keyboard would arrive MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models.

The existing MacBook models use the butterfly keyboard system which was introduced with the 2015 MacBook. The butterfly keyboard tended to get stuck under the keys. The problem became so major that Apple decided to offer a keyboard specific repair program in April.

Later ahead of this year’s MacBook launch, Apple decided to replace the butterfly switch keyboard system with the scissor-switch keyboard system.