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David Mudd

Apple : List Of Best Arcade Games On iPhone, iPad And Apple TV

Everyone wants to find sure ways to kill time. Playing games can help you do this. You can easily make the most of this time. You can find the top games on your Apple iPhone and can spend hours playing it.

This is a great way to kill boredom. These games can engage you as well. You can end up spending several hours on them. Here is a list of such games to help you.

1. Butter Royale (Apple)

Butter Royale

This game is lighthearted. It is similar to Fortnite. However, this is food-based. Youll have croissant launches and ketchup bottles as your weapons. This game is extremely fun to play with.

It has the core of an essential battle game. However, it is packed in such a manner that it is enjoyable. Even kids can play this without any issues of violence.

2. Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle

This is the most recent entry. This game is an easy-going, multiplayer game. You have to just get to the end of the castle. This game is similar to Crossy Road where you have to reach the farthest that you can.

You can play with 3 more friends. So, this will add the fun of the game. Also, it can enhance your experience with the game. You should give it a shot to kill some time with your buddies.

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3. Overland (Apple)


This is essentially a strategic game. It is set in the era of post-apocalyptic America. You will have to scavenge to make your ends meet. Get petrol, help fellow travelers. Also, you’ll have to escape many obstacles.

Some of them will also be giant insects. It portrays a road trip from the Eastern to the Western coast. The only thing is that nothing is normal.

4. Skate City (Apple)

Skate City

This is an amazing skating game. It features a great laid back attitude. Also, it incorporates the fundamentals of boarding. This game is a great combination of both made into a video game.

You can go kickflipping on the staircase. Also, you can grind on the rails as you move across the streets. This features great cities and amazing game experience.

5. Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer

Soccer games are a go-to right now. Sociable Soccer, however, hits a different timeline. It marks the era when Kick Off and Sensible Socer were great plays. The game can be best played from above.

You will get the chance to play an amazing fast-paced game. Also, it is a great combination of pinball and soccer but together. You can get the ball going across a 30-yard field with the final whistle in 5 seconds.