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Apple Is All Set For The First Phase Of Returning Employees On June 15


David Mudd

After months of staying safe at home and working from home. Apple employees are getting ready to return to their workplaces. After all, this is now a new era in which the abnormal is the new normal. So, companies have to bring back their employees and resume the works like back in the normal days without the pandemic. For that, Apple already announced earlier that it will bring back employees slowly.

Apple notified its workers about the return back and resuming of work this week. The lockdown is not yet completely removed but it is essential for the company to bring back employees with all the precaution methods in hand. A staff memo was obtained by Bloomberg shows that Apple is all set for the first phase of it on June 15. Besides, all the upcoming phases will only include a few workers until all of them return to their regular work area.

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Precautions Are All Set Inside All The Apple Production Facilities


The mission of returning employees is done by the company only after taking all the precautions needed to be taken. Besides, all the office schedules are changed. Building occupancy also restricted to those who are not relevant to some areas of the building. After all, the company is all set to make the workers keep the ultimate level of social distancing inside the campus.

Beyond all, Apple encouraged employees in its letter to take a COVID-19 swab test before they return to Apple facilities. At-home swab tests are available along with an on-site test also available. Returning staff to Apple’s Infinite Loop Headquarters and Apple Park will undergo daily health checkups. Moreover, temperature tests will also be done in the facilities.

Essential workers are needed for joining other workers. Those who remained at work during the pandemic need help. Above all, Apple needs to start the production of many of its newly announced products.

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