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Apple: iPhone 9 Plus To Be Confirmed, iOS 14 Code Revealed


David Mudd

In the times of lockdown and quarantine, when everything is getting postponed, Apple is planning to launch iPhone 9 Plus. This might be a brave step or a foolish step. People are not going out; for anything, they are way too scared.

No one wants to get in contact with the virus. Apple has managed to promote their products just right every time. Earlier with Steve Jobs and even after him, they always have mega launch events. 

We don’t know how will they release iPhone 9 plus. Gatherings are not allowed, and that means they will have to launch the product on a digital platform. And the chances that they will see the same effects as before are meager.

iPhone 9

The world is not interested in anything at this point, and everyone wants to be safe. We hope that they get to see the results that they are expecting.

Apple Made iOS 14 Code Public:

Everyone knows that iOS is an open-source platform. That is why they have to make all their codes available for the public. Now people will be able to understand what did they do in iOS 14 even before it comes into the market. 

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Article Will Make People Understand Everything About The New OS:

There will be articles telling the features of the OS without even using it. iOS codes are relatively easy to understand. There are developers out there who can understand these codes and can tell the world what to expect from the product. We are excited to know what they are going to now.

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Coronavirus And The Product Sales:

iPhone 9

Undoubtedly, the sales will not be as expected. Most of the sales will be online, and very few of them will be offline. Stores are shutting down, and even if they are open somewhere, people don’t want to leave their house.

It is the right decision by people, but we don’t know if Apple decided the right time or not. There are chances that this can become a rage; the sales of smartphones might even be exceptional.

People have nothing to do, nowhere to go—the chances of people wanting to replace their phones and learn new technology and experience are high.

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