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David Mudd

Apple: iPhone 12 Which Will Support 5G May Be Delayed Due To Corona Virus

The whole world is getting malfunctioned because of coronavirus. People say in other words that nature is healing herself. Whatever it is happening. All the countries and territories are at high voltage level of precautions. Besides, all the governments are exhorting their people to stay inside the home and stop all the non-essential businesses.

With this situation of disruption. Apple possibly delays the launch of its iPhone 12 series. It is because if the product launched in nearby times, the consumer response will be lower. iPhone 12 will be the first 5G smartphone by Apple. So, they want it to be a big hit in the industry.

More Details On iPhone 12 And It’s Delay

iPhone 12

Some other Android-based smartphone brands already have their 5G models in the market. Apple was lacking in that option. After all, they are expecting to change that through the new model.

Chinese factories of Foxconn are capable to work with the production of the iPhone 12. But the travel restrictions between the United States and China made it impossible.

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Even it’s prototype launch got delayed due to the restrictions. Besides, during a situation like this. Many of the people will be economically defeated. It is the same in the case of every country. So, launching a dream product now will be the wrong decision to make. Moreover, the iPhone is one of the expensive smartphones available for normal people until now.

iPhone 12

However, if the iPhone 12 delayed, it will surely affect Apple’s scheduled and upcoming launching of different products. All the retail shops are already closed now. The stores in China are open because the situation is already under control there.

The whole story concludes that Apple also got affected by the pandemic. Many of the events including the Olympics also delayed for next year. Apple became one new leaf in that tree.