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Apple: iPhone 12 Launch May Delayed To Fourth Quarter Of The Year


David Mudd

Usually, Apple iPhone new flagship models are launched in the third quarter of the year. That is somewhere within the September timeframe. But the new reports show that the next most anticipated model iPhone 12 will not be launched in the September timeframe. Meanwhile, it may be delayed into the fourth quarter of the year.

All these details were shared by the CEO of one of the major hardware suppliers of Apple. Broadcom is a company that gives hardware like Wi-Fi chips for iPhones. Officials of the company said these facts without namely saying Apple. Instead, they used the word “large North American Mobile Phone customer”.

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More Details About The Delay And When We Can Expect iPhone 12

Apple supply chain gearing up for 'iPhone 12' production in July ...

The CEO of Broadcom said these delays and other things in a meeting for the earnings call. After all, he also mentioned that the wireless hardware revenue bump will happen a little late this year. Moreover, Apple is the one big North American company to which they supply wireless hardware for Wi-Fi purposes.

Broadcom officials also noted that the revenue in Q3 will be lower this year for the company. The new expectations for iPhone 12 are pointing towards October. However, there are chances for us to see an unveiling for the new models from the Apple in September.

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