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Apple: iOS 14 Is On The Way!


David Mudd

Most users reading this might own an iOS 14 iPhone. That’s a safe bet, isn’t it? Considering how Apple dominates the smartphone market every year, it is safe to assume a new product might be up for grabs this year.

2019 was the year of iOS 13. This update was amazing, in my view. Introducing key features such as ‘dark mode’ and ‘swipe texting’, this update is worth every praise it has deserved.

iOS 14 is a long way away from us right now. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unsure about when it might be released. As we know, the newer OSs are announced alongside a new iPhone.

iOS 14


iOS 14

A lot of new features are expected from the new iOS 14. They may or may not be present during release. Here are the features that are rumored:

A new feature that allows users to view apps in a list. Apps can be organized alphabetically or a filter can be added to view apps based on recent activities or unread notifications.

A new app to track fitness might also be a part of the new software update. This app allows users to download fitness videos or walkthroughs for various workouts.

New features for Messages are cool. One of the features includes the ability to retract/delete a message. Other features include a new mention system, mark as unread system and a few more.

The update also rumored to contain a new AR app. Not a lot of information is available about this app. But we do know that it might help users to “get more information about the world around them.”

iOS 14

A major update includes setting third-party apps as defaults. This feature was one of the most requested features. This gives a lot of freedom to users. Now you can choose Google Chrome to be your default browser.