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Apple: Hints At AirPods Pro Highlights, New Ad Features Noise Cancellation


David Mudd

Noise cancellation and transparent mode are two of the main features of the new earphones. Apple has just released its ad about the Active Noise Cancellation in the new AirPods Pro. They have released the ad under the name ‘Snap’. The two-minute ad shows a woman walking around enjoying the benefits of an Air Pod Pro. It also includes the details about Transparency Model which required in busy cities. Apple says the new AirPod will have control settings that no one can claim so far.

Noise cancellation used to cut unwanted sounds from outside. Transparency mode, however, required to hear the external sound without the need for removing Air Pods from ears. Apple unveiled its AirPod Pro in October 2019. Its different look, water /sweat resistance, and good sound quality have received much attention.

New Entry Level Version For AirPods?

There was speculation that Apple might launch a new entry-level version of the Air Pods Pro In the first half of 2020. However, no further details released about it. The latest news reveals that the earphones will all be considered as third-generation air pods. Sound quality is the same in standard air pods. But the AirPod Pro only has Active Noise Cancellation.

More About AirPods Pro

You can choose which mode you want on your AirPod without using the phone. It can also be selected using devices connected to it. The settings are available in both earpieces. Therefore it is possible to avoid the difficulties in using it. The new version is also equipped with the settings that Apple Watch can also control AirPods. A firmware update released by Apple in December affected the AirPod’s sound isolation and bass-range.

The updates that come after that have made a lot of changes. A lot of review pages have done air pod testing and made negative comments. After that, Apple worked on fixing old issues and adding new features. The company has not released any news about future versions or updates that may occur. Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new AirPods. Let’s hope that the new versions release after solving all the issues. Technology lovers await further information.