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Apple: Final Cut Pro And Logic Pro X Getting Free Trials?

Apple Final Cut Pro: The COVID-19 pandemic has terrorized the world. Thanks to the pandemic, the world seems to be on hold. Everyone is asked to stay indoors for safety. Doing something productive seems so tough now. Everyone’s bored and going outside is not an option for most people now.

Free trial! (Apple Final Cut Pro)

Apple, however, has pulled a few moves in order to help us keep ourselves occupies. The video editing software Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X are getting a 90-day free trial! Now you can learn to edit videos using Apple’s software for free(for 90 days).

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Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro’s free trial is already out. However, Logic Pro X’s free trial will be available in the coming days. The free trial lasts for 90 days, but that’s not all. There’s an additional 30-day free trial that was available before. Combine both and you get 120 days of free trial. Sweet, eh?

Final Cut Pro costs $299.99 while Logic Pro X costs $199.99. A 90-day free trial seems sweeter now, doesn’t it? Apple announced, “We hope customers who are home and looking for something new to master will try out these free trials.” An incredible gesture.

Thanks to the pandemic, everyone’s home. This gives us a lot of time to spend. Thanks to certain companies like Apple, many products are now free to use, may not be permanent, sure. This helps us learn something new and also helps in controlling the spread.

Apple Final Cut Pro

Other free to use apps include Ableton Live 10 Suite DAW, Minimoog Model D, Kaossilator, Synthmaster One, Skoove, etc. These apps can help you learn something new. Maybe learn how to play that piano piece you’ve always wanted to play. There are a lot of things we can learn now thanks to such apps. These offers are for a limited time, however.

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Apple Final Cut Pro

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