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Apple: Employees Returning To Work, Apple To Implement More COVID-19 Precaution Measures

After months of work from home and lockdown, Apple started to bring back the employees. For that, the company started to take more precautions against COVID-19. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure that no one gets infected from the in-house teammates. People begin returning to work at Apple Park and Infinite Loop campuses. Moreover, each and every employee will be tested. After all, Regular temperature checks along with social distancing will be maintained.

Some of the employees in hardware and software departments started returning to work in May. Instead, some others went for work for a few days a week. This was to ensure social distancing in the small rooms and areas inside the workplace.

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Nasal-Swab Test is Provided And The Temperature Check Is Mandatory


Temperature checks are mandatory. Besides, employees can take a nasal-swab test for COVID-19 if they need it. Workers will be asked to use masks everywhere on the campus. Above all, Apple closed most of the kitchens inside the campuses. Every precaution is taken. Although, Apple makes some of its workers to do their job from home.

Large open spaces for work and relaxation are available inside the Apple Park. According to Apple, the company will bring back all of its employees to work in a few months.

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