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Apple: ECG App In Apple Watch May Start Service In Brazil And Japan Next


David Mudd

It was last month Apple launched its watchOS 6.2.5 for its Apple Watch devices. A new feature for ECG scanning started working in Apple Watches with that OS. Besides, the RCG app was available for users in Saudi Arabia. At last, now the company may officially implement the app in Brazil and Japan.

Brazil’s Health Regulatory Agency approved the request to launch the ECG app last week in the country. The government made an official statement about the electrocardiogram feature. Besides, the heart rhythm notifications alongside the electrocardiogram are also now enabled in Brazil.

In Japan, Apple registered as a certified manufacturer of PMDA. After all, Apple registered in Japan on March 25, 2020. It was the same day in which Brazil approved Apple’s ECG app.

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More Details About Apple’s ECG app in Apple Watch Devices

ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notification on Apple Watch ...

However, the government’s approval does not give the Apple Watch users to use ECG app. Apple needs to enable the feature in the new countries. The company will provide an OS update for users in the new countries. New OS will automatically enable the feature and app in the devices.

After all, the company is now running different levels of testing with watchOS 6.2.8 beta. Although, there are not many countries included in the new version too. Although, we can expect more countries with the final release.

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