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Apple: Apple’s Updated 13-Inch Macbook Pro Has A New Keyboard

Apple is updating its Macbook Pro lineup and we can’t be more excited. This lineup is going to feature some amazing models and it is going to blow your minds off. Also, you’ll get a new keyboard with it.

Previously, it was assumed that we were going to have a butterfly keyboard. But now, it seems like we’ll be getting the new Magic keyboard instead. And that has hyped up consumers even more.

This Macbook Pro is going to be straight out of your dreams. So behold for something amazing coming your way. The specifications are going to be huge and there is going to be so much with it that is going to be amazing.

So stay tuned to find out more about this. Find out more about this amazing beauty that you’ll get in no time.


What Will Be The Available Price?

Now the base price of the laptop will be about $1299. But then US customers will also be eligible for a discount of about $100. And that will be amazing. The Macbook Pro is going to be a 13 inched laptop. And Apple is creating a sheer beauty with this one.

The model is going to have various versions varying their specifications. But there will be something basic that will be true to all the models. That includes the fact that these Macbooks will be 10th generation Intel core powered models.

And that means that we are getting some amazing speed with this one. Additionally, there is going to be a base model with about 256 GB worth of storage. And it will feature about 16 GB RAM. So all in all, you’re in for an amazing product.

What Are The Features To Look Out For?

You will get a 13.3 inched display with this one. The display will be LED-backlit IPS display. So that should be quite amazing to see. The panel will additionally feature a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels that will feature a brightness of about 500 nits and also a 227ppi pixel density.

So that is something to truly look out for. Additionally, you will get the Apples Touch bar as the standard option. Also, you’ll get Intel Iris Plus Graphics integrated with your Mac. This means that the performance will be about 80% faster than the previous counterparts.

And who doesn’t like the speed at this time? So that is going to be a big plus factor for us. With these new graphics, you’ll also be able to get a 4K video edit.


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What Are Other Specifications? (Apple)

Also, you’re going to get a quad-core 10th generation Intel i5 processor with it. The processor is cooked at 2Ghz, which with a Turbo Boost can provide up to 3.8GHz. Also, you’ll get a 512GB SSD storage that comes with a 16GB RAM.

However, the RAM can be upgraded to about 32GB. With this, you get 6MB shared L3 cache and then 16GB of 3733MHz LPDDR4X RAM.  Now you will also get a magic keyboard that is going to be so much better than the previous butterfly keyboard.

Provided that, it will have an inverted T arrangement in the arrow keys. And for the touch control, you get a Touch Bar.

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