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Apple: Apple Watch 6, Details And Specs – Everything We Know So Far


David Mudd

Rumors about Apple Watch 6 say that it may include a new kind of screen. The earlier model of Apple Watch was Apple Watch 5. It has an OLED screen. But the new Apple Watch 6 may have a micro-LED screen in it. 

micro-LED is more efficient. That means the new Apple Watch 6 will have more battery life. Another change expected in the screen is a fingerprint scanner. Currently, there are no bio-metric security features included in Apple Watch. This new one may change that tradition.


Another facility that may will; be available in Apple Watch 6 is sleep tracking. Apple Watch already supports other third-party sleep tracing applications. So, it’s a piece of trustworthy news about the sleep tracking app.

Until now there are no sleep tracking apps provided from Apple. Users were waiting for an app on this case from Apple’s ecosystem. Better parental controls are another feature that expected to be in Apple Watch 6 along with a tachometer for distance tracking. Rumors also include words about the Apple Watch 6’s ability to check blood oxygen levels along with a better ECG.

Water resistance and wireless connectivity of Apple Watch may also be improved with the new one for sports activities. Above all, Apple Watch 5 is water-resistant in depths up to 50 meters.


There is another departure about it that the new Apple Watch 6’s rotating node could be replaced with a digital crown. Although there is no guarantee about this included in the new Apple Watch model.

Features That Are Expected In Apple Watch 6

  • Better battery life
  • More fitness features
  • Dimmer option for always-on-screen
  • Every app support always-on feature
  • Apple’s own Sleep Tracking
  • Improved Syncing with devices
  • Parental Controls
  • Apple Watch face customization tools
  • New screen design

Special Dates Of Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6 launch is already expected for late 2020. There were numerous amount of rumors and leakages around it. Every Apple Watch model launched in September for its respective year of launch.


That’s what makes the people think about the release date of Apple Watch 6 as of September 2020. The exact date for the release also assumed as September 8 or 15. News about its price range shows that it will available in the US for $399.