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Apple: Apple Maps Will Now Show The Coronavirus Testing Sites


David Mudd

The American giant Apple’s Apple Map will show the coronavirus testing sites. Furthermore, Apple Maps will help medical facilities to get people with coronavirus symptoms to testing sites.

Coronavirus Status In The United States

The United States has become the worst-hit coronavirus country in the world. Furthermore, it has left Italy and Spain behind in terms of the positive coronavirus cases and the number of deaths.

Also, the country is facing a shortage of ventilators, ICUs, hospital beds, and other medical facilities. The United States has 5,57,427 COVID-19 positive cases to date. However, 22,107 have died to date.

New York has become the epicenter of coronavirus cases followed by Washington D.C. Moreover, companies like Tesla and Apple are helping the US Government by providing medical assistance to the medical staff and people affected.

Apple Map

Apple Maps

It is a web mapping service. Apple is the developer of Apple Maps. Furthermore, it was released on 19th September 2012. Also, it is the default map of macOS, watchOS, and macOS.

Before 2012, Apple used Google Maps as the default map tool in iOS. But after the launch of Apple Maps, Apple replaced Google Maps with Apple Maps as their default map service tool on iOS.

It provides direction and estimated time of arrival details to the users. Furthermore, it shows estimated time arrival for automobiles, public transportation, and pedestrian. Also, Apple Maps use 3d navigation model.

As a result, users can see 3D buildings and landscapes on the map while using it. Apple Maps is available on Operating Systems such as iPadOS 13, watchOS, macOS, iOS 6 and later.

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Apple Map To Display Coronavirus Testing Sites

Apple launches a portal where hospitals and healthcare providers can register coronavirus screening locations. Furthermore, the map will show directions to reach coronavirus screening facilities.

Apple Map

Moreover, Apple Maps will show the name of the screening facility, healthcare provider, address, website, and contact number. Furthermore, the type of screening facility will be specified such as hospitals, clinic or laboratories in the area.

The portal should become active in the first week of May 2020.