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Apple: Apple Lifts The Buyer Restriction Policy For iPhone Sales

Apple Lifts Buyer Restriction: The coronavirus pandemic has affected all businesses. So, many companies have grown cautious about how they will fare. They are trying to ensure maximum sales. In this time of crisis, it is very difficult to maintain the financial conditions. Therefore, everyone is incorporating new policies. Some are even trying something new.

Apple has most recently got rid of its buyer restriction policy. It is also done amidst the impact of the pandemic. The fear of a bad quarter has caused the firm to worry. So, this step will ensure that its sales don’t crash. This is done to ensure everything stays under control.

Apple Lifts Buyer Restriction

What Has Happened? (Apple Lifts Buyer Restriction)

Apple lifted its buyer restriction policy. This policy restricted a user to buy only two devices from Apple. But now, you can buy more than two iPhones. This rule was initially used to avoid people stocking up on smartphones. Many scalpers tie the supplies and then sell them.

So, the company had restricted the buyer to only 2 devices from Apple. However, now the company fears a bad sale. To avoid that, they have lifted this rule from iPhones. Other Apple products still abide by this policy. So, you can still buy a maximum of only 2 Macs or iPads. This policy is expected to stick back in when this pandemic will get under control.

Apple Lifts Buyer Restriction

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Why Has It Happened? (Apple Lifts Buyer Restriction)

It was first thought that only the production of the iPhones will be impacted. This was because all its factories were shut down and were working on a slower pace. So, the management got worried about their revenues.

Amidst this, sales are now a big issue. With most countries under shutdown, getting buyers is very difficult. The sales went very down. This drop was enough to wake up the firm leaders. So, they have now decided that this policy will be taken down. This is expected to bring about a better sale than expected.

Apple Lifts Buyer Restriction

More Changes 

The stores of Apple have opened again in China now. However, stores in other countries are still shutdown. People can order from their website. They will get their order shipped to their homes.

Generally, it is not expected that anyone will be buying anything as of now. This can cause a major dip in sales. The sales will not turn normal anytime soon now. Even if it is a major cause of worry, nothing can be done about this.

However, its policy restraints have now come to a pause. They weren’t limited to latest Apple devices earlier as well.

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