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Apple: Apple Confirms Reveal Of New Airpods And The Rumoured Macbook Pro Next Month

Apple may be ready to roll out a couple of new products Airpods in the coming days and weeks. They were originally planning on announcing these two at an event in March. However, the coronavirus pandemic has spoil those plans and likely their production cycle.

Apple May Announce New AirPods Soon

That’s why Apple may have waited this long before they announced anything officially. The two products they might be revealing soon may include some new variants of their AirPods and a new MacBook Pro.

The AirPods are the more interesting and prominent of the two. They’re what will attract most of the attention. Apple looks to be planning two versions, called the AirPods Pro Lite and the AirPods X Generation.


Two New AirPods For Different Price Brackets

The AirPods Pro Lite should be self-explanatory. Apple’s Pro is the more sophisticated version of their regular AirPods. They have a shorter stem, a better fit in the ears thanks to a bulbous design, and active noise cancelling capabilities.

They’re also a great deal more expensive than regular AirPods. The AirPods Pro retails for $249, while the regular AirPods come in at $199 with the Wireless Charging Case and $159 with the regular Charging Case.

The AirPods Pro Lite might be a cheaper alternative to the AirPods Pro that replaces the $199 AirPods. This could see the AirPods that come with a regular charging case retire entirely.

Then, we come to the AirPods X Generation. Reports of this product started making the rounds when they popped up on Target’s inventory page with a price tag of $399. We don’t know for sure, but these might be the rumored over-the-ear headphones that Apple was supposedly working on. They may feature a water-proof design, targeted at the sports enthusiast crowd.

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Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro Could Get A Replacement

Finally, we come to the potential new MacBook Pro. Apple replaced its 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 16-inch model last year. This 16-inch laptop had the same footprint as its 15-inch counterpart, but the screen had shorter bezels.


However, it had some key improvements over its predecessor. For example, Apple’s butterfly keyboard had been extremely unpopular among users. It was unreliable, and Apple had to roll out an extensive repairs program to deal with it.

That keyboard is gone completely, with a new Magic Keyboard in its place. This new rumoured MacBook Pro may replace the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 14-inch model, same as the 16-inch model replaced the 15-inch.

It will most likely have the same new Magic Keyboard, thin-bezel display and upgraded specs. Both the new AirPods and the new MacBook Pro may come out in May.

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