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Apple: Apple Closes All Stores To Contain COVID-19

Apple is one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world today. The company was going to release its new budget-friendly iPhone 9 series. However, the company decided to delay the launch until the COVID-19 came under control.

There is the latest news that the company made a huge decision to close down all its stores until the pandemic came to a halt. Read on to know more about this move and the novel Coronavirus.


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Apple Closes All Stores

Apple Inc has decided to close all its stores outside Greater China. The company had previously closed all its stores within mainland China. The stores in China were reopened on Saturday. This move is a dramatic example of how companies have been clamping down on stores in light of the spread of the virus.

The stores will remain closed until 27 March. The company has several stores all over the world. The Chairman of the company Apple Tim Cook reportedly said that. ‘We should do everything we can to contain the virus’. He said this as a response to the move made by Apple.

The Tech giant announced their official website. Apple, in the statement, said that the COVID-19 is effecting everyone. They mentioned that they want to respond to the virus in their way by adapting. They also said, “Apple wants to continue to play a role in helping individuals and communities emerge stronger.”


This close down is a part of this effort.

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What Is COVID-19?

The COVID-19 is a novel Coronavirus. It was first identified in Wuhan in China. The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a pandemic recently. Although the virus was first discovered in China, it has spread to parts of Europe. Italy is now the worse effected country.

The virus has brought the country to its feet as it is facing a complete lockdown. Countries like the US, UK and Germany are weeks away from a similar situation. The death rate in Italy is roughly 6 per cent, which is double the global rates. This high rate is due to the ageing population of Italy.

In China, where the virus originated, the number of cases is dropping according to the WHO situational report.


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