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Apex Legends: Update Fixes Frustrating PS4 Bug


David Mudd

Apex Legends players on PlayStation 4 will no longer have to deal with some of the pesky bugs that were plaguing their game. There were some minor glitches that made playing through Apex Legends a bit of a hassle, but a recent update has sorted them out.

Apex Legends On PS4 Gets Patched

This latest patch from developer Respawn Entertainment, update 1.35, focuses on three issues that players were facing. The first one was something players encountered after exiting a ranked match or switching Legends. When they returned to the main menu from doing either of these tasks, the playlist selector would glitch out.

Instead of staying on whatever game mode they had selected previously, it used to default to selecting Trios. This wasn’t game-breaking by any stretch of the imagination. However, it was a bit annoying having to fiddle around with the menu every time.

Apex Legends

Thankfully, players won’t have to deal with this nonsense any longer. This latest update deals with this issue completely.

Latest Apex Legends Patch Fixes DPad Bug

The second problem that Respawn has fixed in update 1.35 has to do with the DPad/cursor menu controls. Here’s what used to happen before the patch. Apex Legends is a game all about gathering loot and getting the best equipment in order to win matches.

However, due to this bug, the DPad/cursor menu controls would stop working after picking up this loot. This is definitely game-breaking. The DPad performs crucial actions in the game, such as recovering health, equipping shields and grenades, etc.

Those who encountered this bug essentially could not play the game properly, likely leading to some frustrating losses. Thankfully, even this bug is now fixed in the latest patch.

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Update Size Is Quite Small 

Apex Legends

The last change that this update supposedly brings with it is “Crash fixes”. That’s rather vague, but if you were playing the game on PS4 and your game was crashing a lot, this should hopefully take care of that.

All-in-all, this is not a big update to download. Coming in at a tiny 150 MB, it should only take a few moments to download and install. It’s also available on PS4 specifically, so Xbox One and PC players can simply carry on as usual.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.