Apex Legends : The System Override Update Is Out Now!


David Mudd

Apex Legends Season 4 continues to deliver for players with the start of the System Override Collection Event. The event kicked off with an exciting launch trailer. Developer Respawn Entertainment continues to keep the game fresh and exciting for long-term fans, as this event brings with it a whole host of changes and improvements.

There is a new prize track for players to complete, as well as event-exclusive legendary skins. This update also marks the return of King’s Canyon, a fan-favourite old map. The System Override Collection event is scheduled to run from March 3rd, 2020 till March 17, 2020.

Deja Loot – A New Game Mode

The headlining feature of the System Override Collection Event is the addition of a new game mode, named Deja Loot. In this mode, the loot will spawn at the same location each time, as opposed to being random in the standard modes. This will give players who spend some time studying the environment to memorise the loot locations an advantage, leaving less to chance. The plane path and circle locations, however, will change daily to maintain some variety.

Deja Loot brings with it a new piece of equipment – the Evo Shield. Regular body shields, ranging from Common to Epic, have a fixed amount of damage they can take before. On the contrary, the Evo Shield shield gets stronger and stronger as you dish out damage to non-downed opponents. Deja Loot will take place on the World’s Edge map for the event’s first week, then move to King’s Canyon for the second week.

Gameplay Balancing

The System Override update also brings some changes to the core gameplay. Players will now have 2 more slots in their inventory, but only 1 grenade stack instead of 2. This update also reduces ammo stacks, Syringe and Shield Cell stacks as well as Med Kit and Shield Battery stacks. Bloodhound, Gibraltar and Crypto have all seen some tweaks, too. Bug fixes, weapon balancing, as well as some quality of life improvements are also part of the update, the full range of which you can read here.

Massive Patch Size

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has infamously had massive update sizes, but this one certainly takes the cake. The System Override update comes in at 18.5 GB on PS4, 32.5 GB on PC and 33 GB on Xbox One. Respawn’s intent with this update is to reduce the file sizes of any future updates.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.