Apex Legends: Season 5 Start Date Announced, Expectations And More


David Mudd

Read ahead to know more about the release of Apex Legends Season 5. Also, read ahead to see what the new season has got to offer for the players. Furthermore, read ahead to know the latest updates and news about the game.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play video game. It is a battle royale game. Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment is the developer of the video game. Electronic Arts publishes it. Apex Legends is a first-person shooting video game.

Moreover, it is a multiplayer game. The video game has seen four seasons to date. The first season released on 4th February 2019. Also, Apex Legends is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends around 8-10 million players playing the game per week by July 2019. Furthermore, by October 2019, the video game had around 70 million gamers playing the game worldwide.

Release Date Of Season 5

The Respawn Entertainment and Electronics Arts announced season 5 of Apex Legends. Furthermore, Season 5 will be up on 12th May 2020. Moreover, initially, the predicted release date was 5th May 2020. But the producers decided to release season 5 on 12th May 2020.

Also, the release date had nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak. The launch was pre-decided. Also, the present season 4 will get extended by one week. This will allow players to play and earn more rewards from season 4’s battle royale.

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What To Expect From Season 5

The most awaited Battle Armour Event will go live on 28th April 2020. Moreover, the rewards earned during the event will be carry forwarded to season five of Apex Legends. Furthermore, only one armor type will be available for the players. They will enter into the game wearing that armor automatically.

Apex Legends

We will see new legends in season 5. Rosie is one of them. Players encountered her when the game was newly launched in 2019. Furthermore, we might see her in season 5.  Season 5 has a lot to offer.

Moreover, the fans will have to be patient and wait for season five to release officially on 12th May 2020.