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‘Apex Legends’ Patch Notes For System the Override Update, Out Now


David Mudd

All about the Apex Legends live update.

A live update was released on 03.04.2020 and this update went out on Xbox One and PC. The new updates include a variety of game adjustments and included challenges. This update was a straight-up move to reduce the size of future patches and the top-notch feature of this is the DEJA LOOT.


A major glitch apparently occurred at the time of this live update that certain factors needed to be renewed, wherein the loot in the game which was supposed to spawn in scattered and different locations ended up spawning in the same location.

Additional bug fixes and pieces of equipment

Along with several bug fixes, the EVO shield is also an important part of this. With the help of this, the Deja loot mode can spawn higher loots.

the link above specifies in detail the octane heirloom patch as well which also happens to be a new factor and following are some of the increased as well as decreased factors

  • Base inventory
  • Grenade stacks
  • Light / Heavy / Energy ammo stacks reduced
  • Syringe and Shield Cell stacks
  • Med Kit
  • Peacekeeper
  • Sentinel
  • Quality of Life

Apex Legends

Among all of these changes, the most important change is the inventory change where in this includes backpacks, changes in stacked items for certain items, grenades, and loots.

Needless to say, the great battle royale game, developed by respawn entertainment, published by electronic arts is an unpredictable game with an exceptional storyline and visuals. with seasons constantly coming in and the meta changes of the override patches have been welcoming enough by professional gamers.

If you are someone that loves apex legends you would have probably noticed all the changes instantly as they are very much visually notable and provide to be a good impact on the game with increased fun and entertainment.

In conclusion, it is a highly exceptional fact that the override patches that are out now are being a significant improvement on the game as a whole thus making us anticipate further updates and seasons from apex legends, hoping to see it win the ocean like the market.