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Apex Legends: Next-gen Port Apparently Confirmed By New Job Listings


David Mudd

Well, Apex Legends came up with a new job offering. This is so interesting as the offer is to develop its company.

If you doubt that Apex Legends us on with new-gen posts. Then yes the offer of the job, clearly states the same.

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Apex Legends New Job Offer

Respawn Entertainment, brings out the new job offering which helps their company. The main motto of the new job is  “to push next-gen platforms and the PC to their limits on Apex Legends.”

This is what, Electronic Arts Job website shows up, for a Senior Rendering Engineer at Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends

The company is in the outreach of the talented persons to fulfill the needs like pushing to the nextgen as it rumored and thinking for.


While coming to the details of the job officer that’s all about it. If we talk about the next-gen platforms, then it is likely in reach to both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Including, Sony and Microsoft’s will show up this year, mostly before the end of the year.

Respawn studio is already in work of mobile port, and no doubt it would work out the new hardware for the next generation consoles too. If this takes place then it will be surely good news from Respawn.

What about the  Apex Legends season 5? Well, season 5 is rumored to come soon, with Loba again.  Loba will back and said to join the roster as the next playable hero for its online bouts of PvP mayhem.

And coming to the job offer will need to wait and who is going to be part of the Respawn company.

Apex Legends

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