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Apex Legends: New Features To Be Added Permanently – Duo Mode, Map Rotation


David Mudd

Apex Legends is getting a series of improvements that is sure to leave fans delighted. The newest event in Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title is going to make some permanent changes to the game. Players will surely welcome this added variety and enjoy all these new features have to offer.

Duos Mode Available Permanently

These changes will be coming to the game as part of the Old Ways Lore Event. This event starts on April 7, 2020, and will run for two weeks, until April 21, 2020. It brings with it two great new features that players can enjoy permanently, beyond the end of this event.

Apex Legends

The first addition is that of Duos Mode. Up until now, Apex Legends players had to play in teams of three. If they didn’t have enough friends who were fellow players, they’d get paired with random players online.

Map Rotation Now Part Of The Base Game

With Duos Mode allows for a team of just two players to enjoy the game. Not only does this make the game less intimidating for players with fewer teammates, but it also adds some variation to the whole package.

The second permanent change is the addition of map rotation to the game. This change was originally exclusively a part of the System Override event. Players could either play their matches on the World Edge map or the older Kings Canyon map throughout it.

Now, however, they can play both Duos and Trios matches on either map whenever they please. This, once again, adds to the variety of the game and prevents it from getting stale.

Apex Legends

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Event-Related Game Mode And Rewards Apex Legends

One of the limited-time modes coming with the Old Ways Lore Event is the Bloodhound Trials. In this event, players will head to the northwestern part of the World Edge map. Here, they have the opportunity to fight hordes of enemies, known as prowlers, for amazing loot.

However, other players will also be part of the same map, hunting for the same loot, so all players will have to watch their backs. The event also adds brand new skins for players to unlock or purchase directly. These skins are based on a digital short that Respawn released a while ago.

Apex Legends is available for free on PS4, Xbox One and PC.