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Apex Legends: Details On The Update That Alters In-Game Inventory


David Mudd

Playing Apex Legends always feels rewarding, whether you’re a newcomer into the series or a veteran who has been playing since day 1.

The latest content update for the game, called System Override, continues that trend. Not only does it add a brand new, limited-time game mode, it also brings with it several changes to the core gameplay. You can read all about it right here.

Big And Small Tweaks

The return of an old, fan-favourite map and new loot to earn via levelling-up have understandably received a lot of the praise and attention. There are quite a few smaller changes that Respawn have made under the hood, however. One such change seems to have affected gameplay quite a bit.

Inventory Overhaul

Players used to be able to hold 8 items in their inventory on a base level. They could also pick up backpacks to increase that inventory to 10, 12 or 14. Now, the base level inventory itself has two more slots, increasing the player’s minimum carrying capacity to 10. While on the surface it seems like this would allow players to carry more items, that isn’t quite the case.

Previously, all items, be it grenades, ammo, Med Kits, etc. were all available in stacks. Each stack held multiple such items. For example, if you picked up an ammo stack, you would get 80 rounds of bullets.

Even though they were 80 bullets, they’d only take up one out of your 8 (now 10) inventory slots. The rest of the slots would remain empty for other items. However, the System Override update has reduced the number of items found in each stack of any item.

Now, ammo stacks hold 60 bullets instead of 80, while syringe stacks only hold 4 syringes instead of 6. Most significantly, grenade stacks, which used to give the player two grenades in one stack, now only give one grenade per stack. This has had a huge impact on the way the final rounds of matches play out, especially in team-up matches.

Why Change Grenade Stacks?

Before, each member of a squad would stack up on grenades and lob them at the enemy team to wipe them out.

Apex Legends

Combined with the explosive abilities of characters, such as Gibraltar’s Bombardment or Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, would make it near impossible for the opposing team to survive. The only character, Wattson, who could nullify this thanks to her Interception Pylon ability became a must on any team.

This made the climaxes of matches quite boring and predictable since this was an obvious way to win. Respawn’s lead game designer, Carlos Pineda said that they were hoping to change that with this update.

On episode 4 of their Apex Devstream series, he stated that this change would address the issue of “grenade spamming”. We’ll see if it works out that way. Apex Legends is out now and free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.