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Apex Legends: Apex Legends To Launch A Time-Limited Battle Armor Event; Delay In Season 5


David Mudd

If you are waiting for season 5 of the Apex Legends, then have a bitter tooth. Because we have bad news, season 5 is delaying and have no updates for now.

If you want to enjoy to heads meanwhile in this lockdown then, hold your breath. The game is giving away the event, Battle Armor event. You can access the event from April 28 to May 12.

The Respawn Entertainment clearly declares, this time the event consists of only one type of armor. And whoever playing it will get it from the beginning including to a P2020.

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Battle Armor Event: (Apex Legends)

As I mentioned earlier, the battle will air from today with allowing a player to have one armor. But, you can still access to shield cells, batteries, and weapons.

Apex Legends

Well, What Are The Levels Featured In The Battle?


The player can access to level 1 armor from April 28 to May 2.

Level 2:

Just to level up, we have level 2 armor featuring from May 2 to May 6.

Level 3:

And before the storm to take place, let’s prepare for level-up gaming. Yeah, the player can access to level 3 armor from May 6 to May 9.

Evo Armor:

If you want to reach this stage of the game, then be strong from the level 1 indulging yourself in battles and fights besides searching in maps.

The event is introduced in the last its self, in the Apex Legends System Override Collection event. And you can access to this event, from May 9 to May 12.

In the blog post of Respawn, one can observe.

“The Battle Armor Event is just one way we are going to start experimenting with the core gameplay of Apex Legends, and we’re excited to introduce even more twists in Season 5 and beyond,”

Respawn also includes “drawn out fights”  at an instance in the event.

Apex Legends

Season 5 Delayed 

Since season 4 is prolonged to give a fair chance for players to explore more things in the game. So, there is a fair chance to have a delay in season 5.

The new season is delayed to may 12, with no trailer not released yet. There is no further info on the upcoming season.