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Antivirus: List Of Antivirus Softwares To Protect Your Devices During The Internet Surge


David Mudd

During the internet surge, it becomes more important to protect your system from viruses that can harm your PC. Therefore, read ahead to know the list of Antivirus software to protect your PC.



McAfee is well-known antivirus software. Furthermore, it provides security solutions to enterprises and consumers and protects there data from viruses. Moreover, McAfee’s Security Plus pack protects your PC from all types of viruses and detects threats to the computer.

AVG (Antivirus)

AVG Antivirus

The Anti-Virus Guard is is another known anti-virus software. AVG Technologies develops it. Furthermore, it detects risks by matching them with those present in its database. AVG also offers live chat support and email support.

It blocks unsafe URL and polishes user interface. Furthermore, it blocks malware as well. Moreover, gamers love AVG because it has Game Mode. As a result, it prevents notifications of updates and scans while the game is on. AVG has a great capacity to back your data in case of a virus threat.



Avast Antivirus

Avast is antivirus software that protects your system from viruses coming through the internet, local files, emails, etc. Furthermore, it offers on-access virus protection for free. Also, Avast is available for Windows, Android, and MAC.

It has a silent mode that hides notification pop-ups while the screen is on. Avast is easy to install. Also, it scanner helps you to detect previously unknown viruses. Furthermore, you can browse plugins to find installs having a poor reputation.

Bitdefender (Antivirus)

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is an all-round virus protection website. Furthermore, t protects your system from web-related issues and malware. Also, it is very light. As a result, your PC does not lag while working on it.

It protects against cybercrime like phishing. Bitdefender has amazing performance stats. It can work in the background without interrupting any ongoing task on the screen. Moreover, it offers email support for its users to clarify any queries.

The above-mentioned anti-software are the best ones that you can download to protect your PC from viruses and web-related issues.

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