Anti LGBTQ, Kim Mulkey Lacks Support To Gay Athlete Griner!


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What is going on in women sports community? What is the controversy between Kim Mulkey and Brittney Griner? Why is Kim Mulkey considered to be Anti Gay? Here is the solution of all your doubts. Keep reading to be witnessed about the whole incident and more.

About Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey is an American college basketball coach and former player. She works as the head coach for Louisiana State University’s women’s basketball team. She has received Pan-American gold medal in 1983 and Olympic gold medal in 1984.

She has become the first one in NCAA women’s basketball history to win a national championship as a player, assistant coach, and head coach, winning NCAA championships as the coach of Baylor in 2005, 2012, and 2019 as well as LSU in 2023.

Anti LGBTQ, kim Mulkey Lacks Support To Gay Athlete Griner

Mulkey has been going through criticism in recent years due to her lack of support to former player Brittney Griner, a Black Gay Woman. Mulkey has an Anti-LGBTQ reputation. Mulkey and Griner’s bond began with good terms but started affecting due to Mulkey’s personal thoughts and views.

Griner is one of the best athletes globally who has makes well estimate net worth What is the Net Worth of Brittney Griner and Why She is Was Detained in Russia?,  Do you know what was her net worth in 2022? and how much growth has she been reaching to, Brittney Griner Net Worth: How Much Does Brittney Griner Make?

Griner is always very expressive and open about being a Black gay woman, Griner has also shared her experience of tolerating racist, homophobic and misogynistic abuse over the years.

kim Mulkey Is Being Criticized For Her Anti LGBTQ Reputation

“When I was at Baylor, I wasn’t fully happy because I couldn’t be all the way out,” Griner told ESPN’s Kate Fagan in 2013. “It feels so good saying it: I am a strong, Black lesbian woman. Every single time I say it, I feel so much better.”

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Mulkey and Griner has had conflicts during times at Baylor. On asking, whether Mulkey should show her support, Griner said, “I already knew the answer, I didn’t want to hear ‘No.’ It was a recruiting thing. The coaches thought if it seemed like they condoned it, people wouldn’t let their kids play for Baylor.”

Griner also revealed that she was forced to hide her identity and people made her conscious about her looks.

Mulkey Refused To Defend Former Player, Brittney Griner

While Griner was imprisoned in Russia, she received no surpport from Mulkey. Kim Mulkey is a successful player, however, her anti LGBTQ ideas brings her under criticism.

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Mulkey, on looking like gay woman, said, “We always have to look like ladies, Sometimes it’s a pain, but if you want to be a national champion, you have to look like one.”

kim Mulkey Is Being Criticized For Her Anti LGBTQ Reputation

Kim Mulkey Early Life

Mulkey was born on May 17, 1962. She was one of the first girls in the U.S. to play organized basketball with boys. She played basketball first at Nesom Junior and then at Hammond High School, reached to consecutive state championships. Later, did well at Louisiana Tech. Her early career has started long ago in college and she took the same career spirit into later life, and made a name for herslef.

Kim Mulkey Marriage Life

In 1987, Mulkey married Randy Robertson. They met at Louisiana Tech. He was the starting quarterback there for the Bulldogs (1974 and 1975 seasons). The couple have two children together. Their son name is Kramer who is a professional baseball player and collegiate All-American at Louisiana State University.

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Their daughter, Makenzie played basketball as well as softball for Baylor and is currently an assistant coach. Their marriage didn’t last longer and they divorced in 2006. Is Kim Mulkey in a Relationship? Eyeing a Championship at LSU!

Kim Mulkey Awards

  • 2012 – Russell Athletic/WBCA National Coach of the Year
  • 2012 – Associated Press College Basketball Coach of the Year
  • 2019 – Associated Press College Basketball Coach of the Year
  • 2021 – Associated Press College Basketball Coach of the Year


Kim Mulkey is an American college basketball coach and former player. She has won various awards and honors for her hard working career and achievements. The more she gained fame in sport, the less support she gets for her personal views. She has always seen not supporting Griner, a former player, and Black Gay woman. Her views on gender and never supporting gay community makes her part of criticism.

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