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Ant And Dec Play Hilarious Social Distanced Badminton Match ‘Across The Street’


David Mudd

The coronavirus has caused a lot of places to be locked down. So many people are forced to stay in their homes. They have to be locked down in their places. Everyone is working from home.

Many events stand canceled, some shifted and others set online. So the world is in a state of chaos right now. So it is safe to say that the coronavirus has made us all sit home doing practically nothing. This is the moment that many people are standing up. Creators are making content, influencers are trying to raise awareness.

In the chaos of this, people are starting to find new things to engage themselves in. They have developed new habits and have started to amuse themselves in their ways.

So, Ant and Dec have also moved to this. They have tried to play badminton to amuse themselves. So read more to find out about this.

Ant And Dec

What Happened With Ant And Dec?

Ant and Dec have found a new way to amuse them. They took to their Instagram handles to share this. Recently, the played a game of badminton while in their houses. This has happened amid the nationwide lockdown.

They found a new way to quirk things up. So they chose to play from a recommended distance. Also, they were playing across the fences of their homes. They shot this clip and then posted it on their Instagram handles. Also, they were in proper outfits and were playing the game.

They posted a short funny clip on their take on this lockdown. So, in a series of jokes, they exemplified the importance of staying afar from each other for now. This is very important.

Ant And Dec

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What Is Going On In The World?

The world is stuck in their houses due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is a lot of chaos and fear surrounding the air. So there is no certainty as of when this lockdown will end.

There is no chance for the cases to slow down. Even after so many tries, the situation is not falling in control. The governments are working ardently to make this work.