Who Is Anjali Ryot? All You Need To Know About Her Death?



A tragic event took place in Mexico not too long ago: two opposing gangs opened fire on each other inside a restaurant, causing multiple diners to lose their lives and dozens to sustain injuries. Anjali Ryot, a technologist and travel blogger of Indian ancestry, was one of the people who ended up being killed.

Who Was Anjali Ryot

Anjali Ryot, a computer programmer and travel blogger who now makes her home in the state of California, was born and raised in the region of Himachal Pradesh in India. She worked at LinkedIn, where she held the post of senior reliability engineer, and she has been actively affiliated with the organisation since the month of July.

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Before that, she worked for Yahoo as a senior reliability and service engineer for a period of five years. During that time, she held the position.

The engineer’s passion for seeing the world led her to launch her own channel on YouTube, which is only for the purpose of recording her travel experiences. Her Instagram account currently has a staggering number of 42,500 followers, which is evidence that she has a sizable number of devoted followers.

She Had A Passion To Travel

Her passion for discovery took her all over the world, to places like Italy, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Hawaii, and California, to name just a few of the most stunning places she’s ever seen (her current place of residence). Her Instagram handle reads “never stop dreaming”.

When Did The Event Took Place

The event happened on October 18 at about 10:30 p.m. on the terrace of the LA Malquerida Restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. The location was in Mexico. Anjali and four other persons from another nation were sitting on the patio of the restaurant when four guys armed with assault weapons began firing at the table that was near to them.

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If one accepts the accusations, one must also agree that Anjali was one of the people who was shot.

About the Gun Fire Incident

As a direct consequence of the ensuing gunfire, the foreigners were injured. On the spot, Anjali and a German woman both lost their lives, and three other people, two of them were from Germany and the other from the Netherlands, were hurt. Anjali and the German woman both died at the scene. In the hospice where they are currently residing, medical professionals are seeing to their wounds and providing therapy for them. It was found out that Jennifer Henzold was the other woman who passed tragically, and her name was exposed.

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The authorities soon pointed to a conflict between the criminals as the cause of the incident shortly after it took place. The perpetrators were identified as two rival organisations who handle drug sales in the region. Because of the way things are currently standing in Mexico, many people consider it to be the epicentre of the global drug trade and trafficking.

As soon as the members of the deceased’s family heard the news, they immediately began crying in anguish. They have never been able to come to grips with the fact that their beloved daughter departed tragically under conditions that were completely unexpected.

Drug Trafficking Organization in Mexico

Over thousands of people are killed on a yearly basis as a result of the violent drug war that is currently raging in Mexico. The power trafficking organisations are engaged in a fierce competitive environment in which they seek to establish their proximity to the drug market and their level of influence inside it. These cartels have direct command over a substantial area of the country and continue to expand their influence.

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According to the reports that have been published in the media, they not only have a position of influence within the country’s internal politics but are also substantially to responsible for the corruption that can be found in the political institutions of the country. The fact that drug cartels are suspected of being involved in a number of kidnappings, killings, and other crimes causes the general inhabitants of the area in which they operate to feel a tremendous deal of fear.

The United States government is of the opinion that a Mexican drug cartel known as the Sinaloa Cartel is one of the most powerful and influential drug trafficking groups in the entire world.