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Top 7 Anime Trap Of All Time That You Need To Know About

“You’ve Been Set Up!” Admiral Ackbar.

The admiral offered some sage advice. Our cherished anime world has a few pitfalls of its own, just like the expansive galaxy of Star Wars has certain dangers. However, I would argue that these snares are very different from one another.

What Exactly Is Meant by the Term “Trap”

A ruse is what I would call a trap, and at its core, a trap is just a lure waiting to happen, just like any other kind of trap. The only difference is that in anime, the lure takes the form of specific characters.

Characters in anime who have the appearance of a particular gender but do not actually belong to that gender are referred to as “traps.” The audience is more likely to be perplexed when they see a man dressed as a woman or vice versa.

anime trap

In this list, we are going to go through some well-known traps in the world of anime; some of them are acceptable, some of them are just plain annoying, and some of them leave you speechless and cause you to lose faith in humanity. Some of these traps are on this list because they are well-known in the world of anime.

Hayate Ayasaki

The show’s primary protagonist, Hayate, is a young guy named Hayate who is only 15 years old and is short. I am guilty of falling for this trick, and speaking from my own experience, I can say that it is impossible to avoid falling for it.

His adorable eyes and short blue hair are a perfect fit, making him look incredibly endearing.

anime trap

There are a number of aspects of him, including his short hair, his voice, and his adorable wide eyes, that give him a really feminine appearance. Additionally, the fact that he posed as a maid in public!

Phi Brain’s Anagram

One of the primary protagonists in the mystery-game series known as Phi Brain is a girl named Ana. He has long hair that is light brown in colour, and his eyes are green.

He has many feminine features, such as long, luxuriant hair, large green eyes, and the most convincing of all of his attributes is his voice.

anime trap

It is later discovered that he is a boy who simply dresses up as a girl and even wins a cross-dressing competition without really taking part in the event.

Ritsu Sohma

The slice-of-life animation Fruits Basket will almost certainly bring you to tears.You will definitely feel the urge to watch more and more of it, and I can give you a written guarantee that it will make you cry and shed tears, but you will surely want to watch more and more of it.

anime trap

Ritsu is a young adult who chooses to dress as a lady by donning a kimono. He does this because he finds that he is more at ease in women’s clothing.

He has thick, dark brown hair that is long and silky, and his eyes are a light brown colour. He most certainly muddled up my thoughts.

Souta Takanashi

The next character we’ll be talking about is Souta Takanashi, who is considered to be one of the show’s primary protagonists. He dresses both as a male and a female. He does not present himself as crossdressed; nevertheless, he does have short brown hair, and he wears glasses in addition to his waiter costume.

anime trap

When he is acting in his cross-dressing role, he has brown hair that is long and straight, and his eyes are a pale golden colour. He wears what appears to be the same uniform, but this time all he has added is an off-white apron over the top of it.

Tarou Sado

In the ecchi-comedy titled “MM!”, which takes place in a school environment, Taro is the main character. Taro, on the other hand, has short hair that is bluish-black in colour with purple eyes.

He is a true masochist and enjoys it when the girls around him step all over him and make his life miserable.

When he assumes the identity of a trap, he dons a white schoolgirl costume and possesses long, purple hair that is straight, as well as large, cute purple eyes.

anime trap

His crossdressing is made even more convincing by the fact that he wears a pink ribbon in his hair and a red and blue skirt that is short and tight.

Mariya Shidou

Next up is Mariya, one of the main characters in the anime series Maria Holic, which bears her name. If he were to dress up as a girl, his hair would be so silky and blonde that you wouldn’t have the slightest suspicion that he was actually a guy.

anime trap

He accessorises his uniform with a bow tie made from a red ribbon that he ties around his collar. He has bright blonde hair that flows freely up to his waist and is styled with bangs that cover his forehead and twin tails that hang off the sides of his face. The rest of his hair is cut short.

Gate From Steins

The snare set by Ruka is really believable. It is difficult to accept when you realise “it’s a trap!” because his short and curly brown hair and his adorable small face make him look innocent.

anime trap

He has large purple eyes, and he secures his short hair with an endearing safety pin that has a head in the shape of a skull. His figure is quite lean and lanky, which complements the other feminine characteristics he possesses.

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