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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Updates And Everything We Know!


David Mudd

Gear up! Because it is time for Animal Kingdom Season 6. Yes, you read that right! The makers have renewed the crime drama series to a sixth installment which is probably going to be the finale season of Animal Kingdom. Keep reading this article till its last word and we will not disappoint you. 

In this article we have covered all the latest updates for Animal Kingdom Season 6. We know fans are super excited for the renewed season, but at the same time many questions arise in one’s mind, don’t they? Do not worry! We will solve that too!

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About Animal Kingdom Season 6

Animal Kingdom Season 6 is an American crime drama series that centers around the Cody family whose lifestyle is bordered by their criminal operations. The series is originally based on an Australian movie of the same name by David Michod, which was released in the year 2010. He is also one of the executive producers for this series. The first season of Animal Kingdom was released in the year 2016 and now we are expecting an end to the series with Animal Kingdom Season 6

Creator: Jonathan Lisco

Genre: Crime Drama, Family Drama

Production House: Warner Bros. Television

Original Network: TNT

Filming Locations: Oceanside, California, USA

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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release

The announcement for Animal Kingdom Season 6 was made ahead of the release of the fifth installment in the month of January, 2021 by TNT. It was definitely a perfect treat for the fans because they would be getting another season of the hit crime drama.

Production for Animal Kingdom Season 6 reportedly began on the 6th of March, 2021 and also concluded in the month of August of the same year. However, it is still going to be a while before the series receives a release date. As per the latest developments, Animal Kingdom Season 6 is expected to be released in 2022. 

The wait is definitely going to be worth it before TNT finally airs the most anticipated finale season of Animal Kingdom. Are you excited? We definitely are and can’t wait to stick to the screen!

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Cast of Animal Kingdom Season 6

Just like the previous seasons, Animal Kingdom Season 6 is going to star the main cast. How can they not include the heart of the show in the finale season, right? Here is the cast list for you:

  • Shawn Hatosy stars as Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody.
  • Jake Weary stars as Deran Cody.
  • Bob Robson stars as Craig  Cody.
  • Ellen Barkin stars as Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody.
  • Christina Ochoa stars as Renn Randall.
  • Finn Cole stars as Joshua ‘J’ Cody.
  • Scott Speedeman stars as Barry ‘Baz’ Blackwell.

It has been rumoured that the makers are also going to cast a couple of new faces alongside the original cast in Animal Kingdom Season 6 but there is no official announcement for the same. This remains a surprise for the fans. 

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Development of Animal Kingdom Season 6

Since the first release of Animal Kingdom, fans showered a lot of love to the action-packed crime drama series and thus it has been TNT’s most popular titles. The news of the sixth installment has already gained the audience’s attention, even before its release. However, alongside the news of Animal Kingdom Season 6 also came the news that it would be the finale season. 

Animal Kingdom Season 6 is going to be full of twists and turns. There are two possible reasons for it- first, it is going to tie all the loose knots from the previous seasons, and second, it is the finale season after all, so of course it is going to be more! A complete storyline that will resolve all the unanswered questions. What are you expecting from Animal Kingdom Season 6?

Teaser of Animal Kingdom Season 6

While the trailer for Animal Kingdom Season 6 has not been released yet, the makers have teased the fans with their social media posts. Now this arouses a lot of questions from the fans along with their excitement for season 6! 

Fans Can’t Wait For Animal Kingdom Season 6

After the teaser from the official social media channel of Animal Kingdom, fans also took the same way to share their excitement and desire for Season 6. They wrote:

  1. “Stocked for next season, not stocked that it’s the last season.”
  2. “I’ve never been so excited for something yet so totally devastated about something ending. Let us know the dates please so we can start a countdown on our calendars.”
  3. “Can’t wait but I am so bummed it’s the last season.”

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So you see the excitement level is really very high for Animal Kingdom Season 6 among the fans, and at the same time the grief of it being the finale season continues. But still, the series is the most awaited and already seems like a blockbuster, isn’t it?


That was all that we had to offer for Animal Kingdom Season 6.  Hope it was helpful. Tell us what are your expectations from the finale season in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!