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Animal Crossing-New Horizons: What’s Coming In The Spring & Summer Update?


David Mudd

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer And Spring Updates!Yeah, The most popular game is out in give away the seasonal updates. The game Animal Crossing: New Horizon makes its players heads in clouds, by its featuring elements and all. And now, we have updates for Summer and Spring.

As a part of April, May and June update the game kick off the new extensions and features on the game. You will find out the seasonal events, vendors, furniture, and in addition to this, we have island museum expansion. The game is going to add gardener Leif and artifact connoisseur Jolly Redd to players’ islands, which provides new decorations and activities for players.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizon Updates

The official updates of Nintendo will reach the players, with the succeeding day of the world’s earth day(22nd April). That implies we can have look at updates tomorrow. As of now, players are already gone through the “Bunny Day”(April 1-12) of the game, but it fails miserably and got a lot of hatred from users. The event made the game obnoxious with its easter eggs and all for twelve days.

What is going to expect in the update? Well, the new updates bring two vendors named Leif and Jolly Redd to the garden. If you remember then both faces are well known to us, yes they appeared in the previous ANIMAL CROSSING GAMES.

Well, Leif is a regular vendor on the game, vending decorative foliage like bushes and flower seeds out of a cart in the town plaza. And then, Jolly Redd is an occasional vendor who docks his Treasure Trawler boat on players’ islands, hey players are cautious because Redd will plot the vessel in the hidden island, so have an eye on the island. He also contributes to selling furniture with unique colors so, here the tricky to players since you can identify the real ones and fake ones. If you hit the target then, real ones go to the museum.

Animal Crossing

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What’s More, You Can Explore? (Animal Crossing: New Horizon)

Besides these vendors, we had a piece of good news too. One can able to relish the Nature Day, May Day Tour, International Museum Day, and Wedding Season too.

Days: Specialties 

Let’s have a deep look on the days, here you go:

  • Nature Day (April 23 through May 4): So, here players will complete unusual nature-themed Nook miles challenges, where you can plant trees and water flowers.
  • May Day Tour (May 1 through 7): This is awesome to hear! Because here you can go to explore a different island, which is not related. Through the May Day ticket, you reach the island and find yourself a special or familiar visitor. Let’s think he might be Tortimer or another Animal Crossing series mainstay missing from the base game.
  • International Museum Day (May 18 through 31): Blathers is going to hook up with the Stamp Rally event, where you will earn a super reward for viewing certain fish, insects, and fossils in the museum.
  • Wedding Season (June 1 through 30): Here, on this day players can travel to Harvey’s photo island where you can take anniversary pics, Reese and Cyrus who are a married couple, and then you will earn wedding-themed items as a reward.

So, here we give you all details about the new updates, and for more info glue on to our website.