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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ & ‘Stardew Valley’: An Ode To Life-simulator Video Games During The Global Pandemic


David Mudd

2020 is an interesting year for the gaming industry as well as the real world. The coronavirus pandemic also broke out this year which is the major concern right now. But somehow games are helping people to get rid of their boredom due to quarantine. Especially games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley.


Animal Crossing: New Horizon 

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game. Nintendo developed this game as well as published it. It is the fifth part of the main Animal Crossing series. Publishers released the game on 20th March 2020. Players can play Animal Crossing as a single-player or multiplayer. They also need to play it in real-time. Gamers can only play it on Nintendo Switch.

To play players choose a customized character who purchases a deserted island package from Tom Nook. After that players explore the island and build a community of anthropomorphic animals by completing tasks. The tasks are like crafting items, catching fish and butterflies, etc.

Animal Crossing

Stardew Valley

It is also a life simulation role-playing game. ConcernedApe developed the game as well as published it along with Chucklefish. The game was released on 26th February 2016. Players can play it on various platforms like Linux, PS Vita, iOS, Android, MS Windows, etc. the game has both single-player and multiplayer mode.

Stardew Valley is an open-ended game. It allows players to explore a firm-world. They have to do tasks like growing crops, mining, socializing including marriage and even having children

Life-simulator Video Games Impact During The Global Pandemic (Animal Crossing)

We all know about the global situation right now. The coronavirus spreads through social gatherings. That’s why the governments are declaring total lockdowns across the nation. As a result of people are forced to stay at home for their good.  They are getting home-sick by stucking up in one place for months.

Life simulator video games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are a kind of virtual escape plan from reality to them. These games help them to stay relax in such a world where there is no pandemic and complications. However, sometimes video games are harmful but this time it seems like these games are working as a cure to gamers.

Animal Crossing