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Animal Crossing-New Horizons: Review, The Best Animal Crossing Yet?

Animal Crossing-New Horizon is the best Animal Crossing yet. Fans are up for a roller coaster ride as they play this game upon its release. Read ahead to know more.

The Game Animal Crossing

It is an upcoming simulation video game. Nintendo develops and publishes this game. The game is releasing on 20th March 2020. It can be played on Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing-New Horizon is a single-player as well as a multiplayer game. Hisashi Nogami is the producer of the game. It is the fifth installment in the Animal Crossing series.


The players play as a customizable character. He moves to a deserted island after he purchases a vacation package from Tom Hook. Tom Hook is a raccoon. The players have to explore the island and develop a community of anthropomorphic animals.

Furthermore, you can also customize the characters in the game. Players can customize skin color, hairstyles, facial features of the characters. Players are introduced to a crafting system. This will allow the players to convert materials into tools and furniture.

As a result, you can decorate the exterior and interior of the gameplay. Similarly, players can earn Nook Miles. It is the currency used in the game. Nook Miles can buy you premium items.

Animal Crossing

Players can invite other animals to live on your island. Furthermore, you can influence them where they should construct their house. The weather in the game changes as per the real-time scenario. This is determined by players’ live location.

Finally, the game supports amiibo cards and characters from the previous Animal Crossing series.

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What More To Expect Animal Crossing

Players can hear soothing music due to the breeze picking up. Also, the game is now in HD. As a result, you get crystal clear graphics. The fruit basket auto-sacks itself. Furthermore, you can craft items at night when the market remains close.


Another addition is that you can spend time doing recreational activities. Players can go fishing, catch bugs, interact with villagers. Finally, the players can redeem Nook Miles. As a result, you can unlock user-experience features. This will probably increase your pockets’ size considerably.

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