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Animal Crossing – New Horizons: Game Nerfs Tarantulas, Scorpions And More Bugs


David Mudd

Animal Crossing – New Horizons has been out for a while now, and players are having a blast expanding their own island. It’s the perfect kind of game for anyone stuck at home during the quarantine. Mostly because it lets you do mundane tasks that you would usually do outside anyway.

Animal Crossing – New Horizons Update Nerfs Bugs

The game has also been out long enough that players have found some exploits within the game. One popular exploit, in particular, involves farming certain insects, such as scorpions and tarantulas. Capturing these insects and trading them in earns the player a lot of bells.

Bells are the game’s currency. So, it was essentially a get-rich-quick scheme that actually worked. It seems it worked a little too well for Nintendo’s liking, though.

Animal Crossing  

They’ve come out with a patch for the game that reduces the spawn rates for these insects, significantly. Twitter user Ninji laid all of Nintendo’s changes out in a series of tweets. He mentioned various different insects and how the latest patch changes the percentage of their spawn rate.

Nintendo Trying To Manage Animal Crossing – New Horizons’ Economy

Nintendo is doing all this in an effort to reel in the game’s bloated economy. Making the game too easy would mean it becomes boring much faster. They’ve reduced the interest rates on Bells stored at the Bank of Nook.

Players got a letter from the Bank of Nook telling them that they have “reduced the interest rate offered to all savings accounts”.

This is all part of a number of changes that update 1.2.0 brings to Animal Crossing – New Horizons. This update doesn’t just cut back on features, though. It also adds a bunch of stuff to the game.

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Animal Crossing

Update 1.2.0 Brings Two New Characters

The most significant additions are those of Leif and Redd. Leif has her very own garden shop. Here, players can get their hands on various flora, tree saplings and even some unique seeds in exchange for bells.

Redd, or Jolly Redd as he’s sometimes called, will dock his ship on your island’s port. He’s an art dealer of sorts, selling you various paintings and sculptures. You can also acquire some colourful furniture for your home from his collection.

There’s also a fun little bonus when it comes to Redd. If you purchase a genuine article from him, you can then donate it to the Museum. Any items you donate are displayed in a wing of your own.

Update 1.2.0 is live already. Animal Crossing – New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.