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Animal Crossing New Horizons: A New Safety Guide For Players By PETA

The gaming industry is quite an interesting field. Many big announcements take place in the industry in 2020. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is such a game that is ready to announce new news. And PETA recently released a new safety guide for players that we need to check out.

Animal Crossing  

This is a social simulation video game. Nintendo developed this game as well as published it. It is the fifth part of the main Animal Crossing series. Publishers released the game on 20th March 2020, 5 days ago. Players can play Animal Crossing as a single-player or multiplayer. They also need to play it in real-time.

Gameplay And Plot

Animal Crossing

The game is a social simulation game. Players have to choose a customized character to play. They have to build a community as well as explore the deserted island. Players also need to craft and convert the material into tools that will help them to decorate their island. They can earn the game’s currency by completing tasks. After earning the currency, players will able to buy premium items. Players can even have their animals.

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A New Safety Guide For Players By PETA

As everyone stuck at home because of self-isolation, they will spend more time on social media. Well, that’s why PETA is bringing a safety guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players.

  • Fishing In Animal Crossing Vegan: Fishing isn’t a vegan thing. So, you don’t need to do that just like the real world. Also, this means a threat to aquatic animals which is not good for your island. You need to make your island safe for all animals.
  • Catching Bugs In Animal Crossing: On your island, you have the right to make the decision. But need to remember that the island is their place to live too. So, it will be good if you let them live freely.
  • Leaving Hermit Crabs Alone: When hermit crabs live in island shores, they live more than 30 years. So, just like the real world, you don’t have to catch then in-game. Leave the crabs alone.
  • Vegan Foods On the Island: Eating fruits in that deserted island makes you strong. There are many types of fruits on the island like peaches, pears, oranges, cherries, etc.

Animal Crossing

There are some more things like not building a doghouse, prevent Tom Nook from exploiting, spreading animal rights in whole Animal Crossing, etc. Now you just need to be more careful while playing the game. That’s it!!

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