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Animal Crossing- New Horizon: How to Unlock the Museum Art Gallery


David Mudd

There is a huge update arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It introduces two new merchants into the game. The free content expands the already extensive museum more. Besides, it rolls out different planned events including its Earth Day event called Nature Day. On April 23, merchants got introduced with Leif and Jolly Redd in the update.

Garden Shop of Leif contains a vast amount of items. That includes all kinds of flora, tree saplings, unique seeds, and a variety of shrubs with different colors. Besides, the shop of Jolly Redd will be on the ship, after all, its docks on the island occasionally.

Animal Crossing

More Details On Updates (Animal Crossing)

Similarly, from Jolly Redd’s shop, you will be able to buy more modifications and builder stuff. Those items include artworks, sculptures, bells along with beautifully colored furniture for your home. After all, when buying anything, the player has to find out the real ones from the collection. Genuine pieces can be used to display in the museum. This will be a new level of feature for your sculptures and artworks for display.

There are multiple events planned in the update for the next two months. It starts with the Nature Day from April 23 through May 1. Besides, completing nature-friendly challenges like planting trees and watering plants will give you extra Nook Miles Points. Also, the full event schedule is available on the official website.

Animal Crossing

The game is an all-time hit for Nintendo and its clear why. Players around the world praised their improvement these years. In brief, it has everything that excites a gamer and elements to pass time effectively.

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