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Animal Crossing: A Familiar Tool Durability System Compared To This Game


David Mudd

The gaming industry is changing very fast. Much big news and announcement take place in the industry this year. On one hand, many game authorities canceled their events due to the outbreak. On the other hand, some companies are going to release their new games as soon as possible. Animal Crossing is such a game that going to introduce a familiar tool that will increase durability.

Animal Crossing  

This is a social simulation video game. Nintendo developed this game as well as published it. It is the fifth part of the main Animal Crossing series. Publishers released the game on 20th March 2020, 5 days ago. Players can play Animal Crossing as a single-player or multiplayer

Animal Crossing

Gameplay And Plot

As the game is a social simulation game, players need to play it in real-time. Players have to choose a customized character to play. They have to build a community as well as explore the deserted island.

Players also need to craft and convert the material into tools that will help them in decoration. They can earn the game’s currency but before that, they have to complete tasks. After earning the currency, players will able to buy premium items. Players can even have their animals.

A Familiar Tools Durability System That Compared To This Game

As we said before, players need to build community because it is a life simulation game. Well, players can discover things very quickly though the created tools have their durability. It is a real frustrating issue in the game. Sometimes tools start to break suddenly.

Animal Crossing  

The only the golden tool has the certainty about its durability that it will break after a fixed amount of use. So, players of Animal Crossing are quite excited about this news. It will stop players from doing the same thing over and over.

Even after its perks, there is still a debate on this upgrade. But whatever it is, players will surely experience something different.

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