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Angry Birds: Animated Series Is Coming To Netflix This Summer


David Mudd

There is a piece of good news for Angry Birds fans. Netflix has finally released an animated series based on this very soon. You will see it under Angry Birds: Summer Madness. Angry Birds has been a very popular game as well as movies.

But now it will be portrayed as a series. So, this is quite new and interesting. Also, it is enough to keep the fans wanting more details. This show will hit the screens next year. Of all that is known, it will be in the early part of 2021.

So, you should buckle up yourself. You are going to see the most amazing animation. Also, the show will engage an audience from all age gaps. So, everyone can sit together to see the show. Read more to find out more cues about the show.

Angry Birds

Also, find out what to expect from it.

The Basic Plot Of The Show (Angry Birds)

The show will be a comic. It will be a take on the movie franchise of Angry Birds. The movies have been very funny and a hit amongst the fans. The show will feature crazy summertime adventures.

You will see the birds pushing their boundaries. They will be breaking all the rules for all things fun. The birds will be fending off the obnoxious pigs and also the brash.

It will be featuring a 40 episode series of 11 minutes each. So you should expect all the mayhem as possible.

Angry Birds

The series will be made in a long collaboration between Cake and Rovio. They will be the most amazing episodes in your life.

What Characters To Expect (Angry Birds)

You will see your usual characters. The more loved birds Red, Bomb, and Chuck. Also, it will feature new characters to keep you going.

The birds will be at a summer camp. You will also see the counselor MIghty Eagle. He will be guiding the birds. Although his guidance will be extremely questionable.

And you can expect all the fun.

Angry Birds

More About The Show

The show is based on video game series. The trailers will be out soon. It will be produced by Rovio Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, and Columbia Pictures.

This will be a show full of bird anger. Many kids will love how the show advances. It is expected by a lot of viewers. Netflix will be featuring this show very soon.