Angelique Kerber’s Love Life Exposed: Who’s the Lucky Guy?


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Angelique Kerber is a professional tennis player from Germany. She was born on January 18, 1988, in Bremen, Germany. Kerber turned professional in 2003 and has since become one of the most successful and popular players on the women’s tour.

Kerber has won three Grand Slam singles titles in her career, including the Australian Open in 2016, the US Open in 2016, and Wimbledon in 2018. She has also been a finalist at the French Open and has reached the semifinals of the other Grand Slam tournaments. In addition, she has won numerous other singles titles and has been ranked as high as No. 1 in the world in singles.

Kerber is known for her aggressive playing style and her ability to move quickly and effectively around the court. She is also known for her mental toughness and her ability to perform under pressure. Off the court, Kerber is known for her friendly and approachable personality, and she has become a popular figure among tennis fans around the world.

Who is Angelique Kerber Boyfriend?

Well, Franco Bianco is the loving and caring boyfriend of Angelique Kerber. Now the couple is expecting their first child in 2023 as the German announced her withdrawal from 2023 US open.

Who is Franco Bianco?

Franco Bianco is a sports executive and the managing director of Eintracht Frankfurt, a professional football club based in Germany. He was appointed to this position in 2020, having previously served as the managing director of sport for the German Football Association (DFB) from 2019 to 2020.

Prior to that, Bianco worked for several years in various roles in the sports industry, including as the head of sports for the German sports marketing company Infront Germany and as a managing director at sports management firm SPORTFIVE.

Who is Angelique Kerber Boyfriend?

As the managing director of Eintracht Frankfurt, Bianco is responsible for overseeing the club’s day-to-day operations, including player recruitment, coaching staff, and budget management. He works closely with the team’s coaching staff, players, and other executives to develop and implement the club’s strategy for success on and off the pitch.

Bianco is known for his expertise in the sports industry and his ability to build strong relationships with players, coaches, and other stakeholders in the game.

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What is the Dating History of Angelique Kerber?

Angelique Kerber is a German professional tennis player who has largely kept her personal life private, so there is limited information available about her dating history. She has not publicly confirmed any past or current relationships, and any reports or rumors about her romantic life should be considered speculative unless confirmed by Kerber herself.

However, in 2018, there were some reports in the media that suggested Kerber was dating a German soccer player named Kevin Trapp, who plays for the French club Paris Saint-Germain and the German national team. However, neither Kerber nor Trapp ever confirmed the rumors, and it’s unclear if they were ever in a relationship or if they were just good friends.

Overall, it’s difficult to provide a comprehensive dating history for Angelique Kerber as she has not disclosed any information publicly, and has maintained a relatively low profile when it comes to her personal life.

What is Angelique Kerber Career History?

Angelique Kerber is a German professional tennis player who turned professional in 2003. She has had a successful career and has been ranked world No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) multiple times.

Kerber has won three Grand Slam singles titles in her career, including the Australian Open in 2016, the US Open in 2016, and Wimbledon in 2018. She has also been a runner-up in several major tournaments, including the Australian Open in 2018 and the Wimbledon Championships in 2016. In addition to her Grand Slam success, Kerber has also won 13 WTA singles titles, including two Premier Mandatory events and four Premier 5 events.

Kerber has represented Germany in numerous international competitions, including the Olympics, the Fed Cup, and the Hopman Cup. She won a silver medal in women’s singles at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has helped lead Germany to victory in the Fed Cup multiple times.

Throughout her career, Kerber has been known for her defensive skills, athleticism, and consistency. She has been praised for her ability to outlast opponents in long rallies and for her powerful left-handed shots. Overall, Angelique Kerber is considered one of the top female tennis players in the world and has made a significant impact on the sport.

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Is Angelique Kerber Married?

As far as publicly available information suggests, Angelique Kerber is not currently married. She has not announced any engagements or weddings, and has not been seen wearing a wedding ring.

Who is Angelique Kerber Boyfriend?

Kerber has generally kept her personal life private and has not shared much information about her romantic relationships or marital status with the public. So, unless she confirms any news about her personal life, it is safe to assume that she is currently single and not married.


Well, it is a good news that Angelique Kerber is expecting her first child with Boyfriend Franco Bianco, however it is also a sad news for fans as they couldn’t able to see her play for sometime.

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