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Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Seen ‘Sneaking’ Into Jolie’s Apartment To Spend Nights With Her! How True Is this? Read More…


David Mudd

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have split way back in 2016. But there are rumors that brad Pitt sneaks into her house at late hours.

Angelina Jolie And Pitt Are Spending Nights Together?

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, Brad Pitt has been staying at Los Angeles. And has been spotting visiting Jolie’s residence quite often. But it was said that he visits her to spend time with his children.

Angelina Jolie
Source: Daily Mail

But as per reports he has been spotted visiting Jolie at odd hours. Thus there are speculations the the ex-flames are spending their nights together. Pitt sneaks to her house late at night and has been spotted leaving at down.

Therefore by no means , he would go at this hour to visit his children. Jolie and Brad split in 2016 and had gone through a very ugly phase. With legal battles and other disturbances they were in no talking terms.

But it is said that they have left aside their issues just for the sake of their children.

Is Reconciliation On The Cards?

As Jolie and Pitt spilt in 2016, their relationship had taken a bitter turn. Reportedly they couldn’t stand each other under the same room.

Angelina Jolie
Source: Daily Mail

But during the pandemic crisis Pitt has been spotted spending a lot of time with Jolie and the kids. And the recent rumors about Pitt and Jolie spending nights together somewhere hints that they are thinking about reconciliation.

Although nothing is official, but it looks like Jolie and Pitt still find comfort in each other. And hence are spending a lot of time. But co-parenting their children has to be their first concern. Because this was the reason why the decided to sort out their differences.

As for their reconciliation is concerned nothing can be said as of now. But Pitt’s frequent as well has late night visits to Jolie’s place is actually raising some eyebrows!

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