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Android 11: Developer Previews Some Promising Features For Foldable Cells

Android 11 developers promise new features for foldable cells. Read ahead to know more.

Android 11

The preview version of Android 11 was released on 19th February 2020. Moreover, it is the 18th version of the Android Operating System. Furthermore, Android 11 supports foldable smartphones.

It also supports 5G network. Google released the Developer Preview 1.1. on 4th March 2020. Android 11’s beta version will release in May 2020. Furthermore, Google will release the exact date in the future.

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Android 11

Foldable Cellphones

Foldable smartphones provide a flexible display screen. Furthermore, the display screen can wrap around to the back when folded. The display screen folds on a vertical axis. It also comes in a booklet design.

The display screen is located on the interior in the booklet design. On the front is the screen through which the users interact and check notifications. Furthermore, horizontal folding smartphones use the clamshell form factor.

Foldable smartphones use the OLED display screen. The screens are made of plastic since plastic can bend more than the glass. However, plastic screens are prone to blemishes and scratches, unlike the glass screen.

Android 11

Features In Foldable Cellphones

It comes with a large screen. Android 11 allows the multi-windows tab. This allows the user to multi-task work. It prevents problems regarding screen-size, density, and ratio. Furthermore, users can transit an app from one screen to another automatically.

Users can dynamically resize their apps. Three or more apps can run at the same time. Thanks to the new Multi-Window feature of Android 11. The multi-resume feature allows you to move an activity from one display to another.

In Android 11, several ongoing activities can receive user input at the same time. The phone will not hang during the process. Any app launched will specify which display setup to run on.

Android 11

The keyboard appears on the secondary screen when the display is configured to the supporting system. A new in-built feature will provide dedicated activities for the secondary screen. Users will have to activate the launch mode to get access to various activities.

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