History TV Documentary Style “Ancient Aliens Season 20” Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More! 


Chahat Rana

Are you ready to dive into more scientific concepts? Some may say pseudoscientific, but the thing is infotainment! Keep your eyes on here to know every info.

Ancient Aliens is an American TV series that explores pseudoscientific beliefs like that of ancient astronauts in a documentary format. Episodes also explore related pseudoscientific and pseudo-historical topics, such as Atlantis and other lost ancient civilizations, extra-terrestrial contact and UFO-logy, and popular conspiracy theories in a non-critical way.

This series premiered on History TV in 2010 and is available on Netflix and Disney+ platform as well. In this article, we will discuss the possibility of renewal of the series for Season 20. Get all the information about the release date of Ancient Aliens Season 20. The Great Seduction Part 2 Release Date: Has It Been Confirmed?

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Expected Release Date 

Ancient Aliens Season 20 is expected to premiere on History TV channel in early 2024. The initial seasons of this famous TV series received lots of attention and backlash from the audience. History TV has not announced its plan for the renewal of Ancient Aliens for Season 20.

Also, there is no update regarding the streaming platform of Ancient Aliens Season 20. Halloween is here! And if you want a super horrendous documentary then Check out The Devil On Trial: The real-life story of Arnye Cheryn Johnson, The first ever case in US history where demonic possession was used as a defence.

Expected Cast in Ancient Aliens Season 20

Ancient Aliens S20

This documentary-style TV series does not have any cast. There are guest appearances from many dignitaries on various episodes. Famous writers, Scientists and engineers frequently appear on the show as hosts of a respective episode and explain the concepts in layman’s language so that common folks can understand mind-twisting scientific phenomena easily.

The show not only covers science but also pseudoscience. This is the sole reason why this series received backlash from many scientific communities across the globe. Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo in New Instagram Post.

The show’s main host is Robert Clotworthy.  Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the leading expert and Co-Executive producer of HISTORY’s Ancient Aliens: The Series. He is called a hybrid of Indiana Jones and Carl Sagan. The show boasts several guest appearances from David Childress, Jonathan Young, William Henry, Erich Von Daniken, Jason Martell, David Wilcock and George Noory.

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Expected Topics

There is no official news or updates about the expected topics which will be covered in Ancient Aliens Season 20. The upcoming season is expected to carry forward the most interesting topics of previous seasons. Let’s have a sneak peek into the already-covered topics from the previous seasons.

My favourite topic of the series is Ancient Astronauts. Cult-favourite topics such as Alien invasion, Robot takeover, lost civilizations, and Atlantis have already been covered. Here, I will provide you with the most popular episodes with their titles.

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Episode Title Season
The Crop Circle Code  19 × 2
The Top Ten Alien Craft 19 × 14
The Return Of The Egyptian Gods 18 × 20
The Time Benders 18 × 10
Top Ten Alien Encounters  17 × 6
The Lost Kingdom 16 × 2
The Forbidden Bible  16 × 5
Project Hybrid 14 × 10
The Storming of Area 51 14 × 20
Destination Mars 11 × 2
The Doomsday Prophecies 4 × 2

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Trailer of Ancient Aliens Season 20

There is no official news from the makers about the renewal so far. There is no official trailer available for Ancient Aliens Season 20. The teaser and trailer are expected to hit the internet once the renewal of the season is confirmed.

But till then, we just have to wait for the updates about the renewal status of Ancient Aliens Season 20. You can go to the official YouTube channel of the History Channel and watch popular clippings of the Ancient Aliens TV series.

Where can I watch Ancient Aliens Season 20?

All the episodes and seasons of Ancient Aliens Are available on History TV channel for free. Ancient Aliens series can also be streamed on Amazon, and Hulu with their subscription plans. Ancient Aliens is also available on Netflix. You can stream all the episodes of Ancient Aliens on Amazon Prime as well. You can stream all episodes on any of these platforms.

And, you can watch season 20 of Ancient Aliens on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Platforms after the release date is scheduled. Explore where can you watch  “Mindhunter”. A Real-life Crime Story Straight From the Corridors of the FBI.

How many episodes will be there in Ancient Aliens Season 20?

The Ancient Aliens TV series has a total of 240 episodes. The 1st season premiered on 20 April 2010 on History TV network. The first season of Ancient Aliens Had a total 5 episodes with the pilot being titled “The Evidence”. The last episode of Ancient Aliens S1 aired on 25 May 2010.

The second season of Ancient Aliens was released on 28 October 2010 with “Mysterious Places” as the first episode. The second season streamed till 30 December 2010 taking the total count of episodes to 15 episodes. Take a leap to the MCU as Loki’s Latest Variant is Still a Pretty Good Way to Kill Time!

Season 19 of Ancient Aliens premiered on 6 January 2023 with “The Hotspots Connections” as the first episode. The 19th season wrapped itself on 15 September 2023. Season 19 of Ancient Aliens has 20 episodes. With the end of the 19th season of Ancient Aliens, the total episode toll of the Ancient Aliens  TV series went to 240.

Following the above pattern, the upcoming season is expected to have another instalment of 20 episodes in Ancient Aliens. However, there are no official updates about the number of episodes for Ancient Aliens Season 20. Explore “Haunted Mansion” Disney’s Magic Mixed With a Macabre Tale for Every Info and Updates.


The Ancient Aliens TV series has received lots of love from the audience. But, the series was also a favorite target of the critics alike. Some believe that whatever the TV series is showing is true, but others think that it is spreading superstitions. The series is filmed more like a documentary and takes the viewers to a world unknown.

The series grabbed more and more attention from the public with every passing episode, making Season 20 of Ancient Aliens a highly awaited season of the whole series. Bookmark TrendingNewsBuzz. and stay in the know about the latest developments in the entertainment industry.