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An Indication That They’re Still A Trio, Since QUAVO GIFTS Removed The Migos Chain For His Birthday!

Takeoff's birthday was celebrated by Quavo by giving him a Migos chain as a present. This is evidence that the members of Migos are still friends with one another.

According to famed jeweller Elliot Eliantte, Quavo presented Takeoff with the bling two days ago, on the occasion of the latter's 28th birthday. We've been told that each member of the group now possesses a matching chain that has been specially designed for them; each chain features an image of all three members of Migos, and each individual is the focal point of their own chain.

In the previous year, the chain was given to Quavo and Offset as a birthday present. With regard to Takeoff's, Quavo reportedly dropped a hefty sum for it—$350K!!!


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After Offset and Quavo stopped following each other on Instagram, speculations began to circulate that the three members of the group could have ended their relationship, which is when the present was given. On the other hand, takeoff continued to follow after both of them.

Our photographer did approach Huncho about the possibility of the group disbanding at one point; however, Huncho did not elaborate and instead spoke about his collaboration with Takeoff titled “Hotel Lobby.” A label representative informed us at a later time that the group was, in fact, still functioning as a unit, but that they were unable to play at the Governors Ball due to a conflict in their performance schedule.

If you didn't believe it before, a matching group chain is an undeniable indication that they are still operating as a single band and producing a single sound.

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Quavo Previews His Busy Day on Tiktok


As TikTok's popularity continues to rise, more of our favourite celebrities have begun creating “Day in the Life” videos for the platform in an effort to make it easier for their followers to feel like they are more closely associated with them. Quavo, who is now leading the life of a booked and busy rap artist, was the most recent person to send us a message.

“What exactly is going on here? So this is how I begin each day, “The first part of Huncho's narration started with video of him boarding a private plane after having spent the previous part of the episode working on a movie set.

“Fresh out the movie set to the jet. Cole Bennett said he need me, Lyrical Lemonade, Chicago, damn no question I’m on my way,”

The 31-year-old clarified, providing those who were watching with a breakdown of his forthcoming manoeuvres.

After arriving at his location, Quavo assisted with his nephew Takeoff's birthday celebrations by giving him an impressive “three-headed monster,” also known as a dazzling necklace with the heads of all three members of Migos on it. Takeoff's birthday was on June 18th.


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Despite the fact that Offset was featured on the jewellery, he was nowhere to be found in the TikTok video. The film also featured a preview of a performance by Unc and Phew that took place yesterday during Lil Yachty's set at the Summer Smash event (June 19).

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In the last several weeks, rumours of a Migos split have been circulating on social media. These rumours initially began spreading when Cardi B and her partner seemed to unfollow Quavo, and then they began spreading once again after the group postponed their appearance at Governors Ball.


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