Amy Mihaljevic’s Mother Cause of Death: What Happened to Her?


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Amy Mihaljevic’s Mother Cause of Death: Crime is a forever prevalent issue in society. There are several factors that contribute to these crimes starting right from poverty and inequality to social influences and personal circumstances. It has grounded its roots deeply in the society that is slowly and steadily destroying humanity and diverting the minds of youth.

In this article, we will glance at such a heinous situation that happened with a small and cute little family in Ohio.

Amy Mihaljevic, a young 10 years old girl, was abducted on October 27, 1989, from the Bay Square Shopping Center in Bay Village, Ohio.

The news gained a lot of attention in the media and the local public. Mihaljevic was contacted by the kidnapper by telephone. He framed her by saying that her mother got a promotion and he wants to purchase a gift for her. The little girl believed her easily and got kidnapped.

Some hours later, Amy’s mother reported to the police officials about her missing but it was too late.

After a period of around 3-4 months, on February 8, 1990, her body was discovered in a field by a jogger close to the off county road 1181, Ruggles Township in rural Ashland County, Ohio.

An autopsy was performed and based on the findings by the Cuyahoga County Coroner many facts were disclosed.

The investigation revealed that the abductor took many souvenirs of hers including her horse riding boots, denim backpack, and more.

Some blood samples were taken from her underwear that suggested that Amy might be raped or sexually abused.

Though it has been several years since the case, no accused has been taken into custody till now.

Amy’s mother appeared in several news channels and gave many interviews to persuade anyone with information to come forward but it was of no use.

But the biggest tragedy is that Amy’s mother McNulty is also dead now.

What Happened to Amy Mihaljevic’s Mother McNulty?

Depressed by the death of her little daughter McNulty started an organization to aware young children of abductions and kidnapping situations and how to avoid and save themselves from them.

But despite a long time to the death of her daughter, she couldn’t forget that moment. Some years later, after the death of her daughter, she parted ways with her husband.

Those incidents and phone calls haunted her and thus she shifted to Las Vegas from Cleveland to stay with her mother.

She wanted to start a new life but that humiliation was too difficult for her to handle. And the rest is the present, McNulty died.

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What is the Cause of the Death of McNulty?

Amy’s death was the foremost reason behind the death of Margaret McNulty. She was highly depressed from the loss of her daughter.

Amy Mihaljevic's Mother Cause of Death

She moved to Las Vegas to stay with her mother. Excessively filled with the gloom, Margaret started the intake of alcohol and smoking and was later diagnosed suffering from Lupus.

Unfortunately, McNulty was asked to leave her mother’s apartment a month before her death because McNulty’s consistent smoking habits had a bad impact on her mother and she was unable to handle it.

But in 2001, when McNulty didn’t answer the phone calls from her mom and didn’t open her apartment’s door, police officials were called and they broke into her house and found McNulty dead inside.

Later, in the investigation, it was revealed that McNulty died several days before, due to complications of Lupus caused by chronic alcoholism.

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