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Amy McGrath Beats Charles Booker In Democratic U.S Senate Contest


David Mudd

Amy McGrath is retired as a Marine fighter pilot. Now she was the contestant in the Democratic U.S Senate contest. Moreover, she defeated state representative candidate Charles Booker in it. The final call came on Tuesday after counting primary as well as absentee ballots. After all, the next opponent McGrath has to face will be the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Booker Issues Concession Letter | WUKY
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Mitch McConnel got a big success in the Republican primary contest. Meanwhile, it is not the first time McGrath running for Congress. She ran for it in 2018 in Kentucky and it was unsuccessful. Besides, she conducted a successful fundraising event that made more than $10 million dollars. This was and is a big advantage for her side. Beyond all, she also has Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with support.

At the initial stage of the contest, Brooker had a greater pitch. It was because of the support of teams including Senate members. Besides, Brooker took part in some protests over racial violence in Louisville, which is his hometown.

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