Amulet Book 9 Release Date : Will There Be a Amulet Book 9?


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Kazu Kibuishi’s famous book, Amulet, was written and illustrated for Scholastic by Kazu Kibuishi, who also served as the company’s creative director. During a visit to her maternal great-estate, Emily comes across a sentient and autonomous magical circle amulet, which she immediately falls in love with. grandmother’s father’s father’s father’s

Amulet Book 9

It is with Amulet Nine that this trilogy comes to an end. It will be a mystery until Amulet 9 is completed as to what happened to Emily.

What Is Amulet About?

In addition to having stunningly gorgeous imagery and a plot that is rich in characters, this series by Kibuishi should be on the bookshelf of any elementary or middle school graphic novel collector. Fans will undoubtedly like how the plot continues to flesh out the backstories of the main characters while also beginning to tie together some of the various storyline aspects that have been introduced.

This series chronicles the narrative of one of history’s most awful disasters from the perspective of a youngster (Emily) who was lucky enough to survive it all and tells the tale! It depicts the narrative of Emily, a young girl who comes upon a sentient and autonomous magical circle amulet while visiting her maternal great-home grandfathers for the first time.

Release Date of Amulet Book 9

The first 1–48 results for “amulet book 9” out of over 1,000 results are guaranteed to have the lowest pre-order prices. The book will be published on April 5, 2022, according to the publisher’s schedule.

Amulet Book 9: Cast

The Netflix version of Amulet, a novel that has become tremendously famous, is expected to premiere soon. This series, as we all know, is full of colourful characters such as Emily Hayes and her brother, as well as her grandfather, among others. Rumors have it that some well-known actors will appear in the film adaptation of the novel Amulet, which is now in production.

Amulet Book 9 Plot

After Emily is entirely possessed by the Amulet in Book 8, she manages to escape with the help of the other characters. The story will continue in the following book from where it has left off. Her relationship with Amulet has been irreversibly altered. As a result, will she seek assistance from it in the future?

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Despite the fact that each book in the Amulet series is distinct from the others, they all center on a horrific catastrophe that has occurred in Emily’s life. In the course of the book series, Emily finds herself in a variety of situations, from helping her mother to escaping from the elves to participating in risky missions. Along with this, the ninth book will deal with a new dilemma and a new journey that Emily and her brother will have to undertake. However, it is possible that they will not receive any assistance from the amulet this time!

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Amulet Book 9 Characters

The following characters will be a part of Amulet Book 9.

  • Emily Hayes- She is the main character who is twelve years old. She is the storekeeper and struggles to keep the amulet’s voices at bay. In the end, they end up taking control of her.
  • Navin Hayes- He is Emily’s brother. He is the chief of the robots made by maternal great grandfather Silas.
  • Trellis- He is the Elf prince. He is an ally of Emily and Navin and helps them escape death several times.
  • Leon Redbeard- He is also an ally of the Hayes siblings who is a humanoid fox.

Do You Think the Amulet Series Will Continue With a Fifth Book?

It was published in 2012 and is the fourth installment in the Amulet graphic novel series. The Amulet graphic novel series continues with Amulet #5: Prince of the Elves, which was released in 2012. Kazu Kibuishi’s fantasy comic book for children has amassed a significant following. In addition, it has received extremely excellent comments from reviewers and users alike.

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Are You Sure Kazu Kibuishi Is a Native of Japan?

Kazu is a fourth-generation Japanese-American who grew up in New York City. The Katagiri Store in New York City, which was founded by his great-grandfather and is the oldest Japanese food store in the United States, is named after him (it opened in 1907) His mother was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, before relocating to Tokyo to complete her undergraduate studies at Keio University.

Amulet Book 9


Conclusion. Although Amulet is targeted at children, it is a delight for people of all ages. The artwork is like something out of a dream, but the characters are grounded in the struggles and progress that come with being a part of reality. You will not be disappointed by Amulet if you are looking for a clean story with some predictable features but also enjoy being surprised.