America’s Got Talent and the Voice Alum Nolan Neal’s Cause of Death Determined!


Saloni Singh

Former America’s Got Talent and The Voice competitor Nolan Neal’s cause of death has been determined.

 The Nashville- grounded songster, who contended on season 15 of AGT and season 11 of The Voice, failed at 41 on July 18 in his apartment. The coroner determined Neal failed from” acute combined medicine toxin,” and his death was ruled an accident.

A prophet from the Davidson County Medical Examiner’s office in Nashville verified to PEOPLE that the medicines set up in Neal’s system included a deadly combination of morphine, methamphetamine, fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl.( The news was first reported by the New York Post’s runner Six and latterly verified by multiple outlets.)

Neal’s Kinsman Dylan Seals Verified to TMZ at the Time of the Musician’s Death That the Songster Was Set Up Dead in His Apartment.

At the time, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told Page Six that officers entered a call of a” departed person” that was latterly linked as Neal.

” On the office next to the bed was a black guitar pick that appeared to contain a greasepaint residue,” a prophet from the department revealed to the outlet.” The victim reportedly plodded with substance abuse.”

America's Got Talent and The Voice Alum Nolan Neal's Cause of Death Determined

Seals told PEOPLE at the time of Neal’s death that he was” burdened” that the musician” eventually succumbed to his battle with substance abuse.”

” He was always open and honest about that struggle,” Seals said.” He was a loving father and son. A light to all who knew him. My heart goes out to his two children and his mama Cathy.”

In America’s Got Talent, July 2020, Neal Told WBIR,” I Joined the Gemstone Band Hamper, They Were Each About Drinking and Partying.”

” I flash back going to a bar and ordering a drink. I tried to hide it,” he continued.” I flash back pretending to be normal. I was just lying to myself telling myself that I could control it.”

Neal first rose to recognition on The Voice in 2016. His investigation performance of the Incubus song” Drive” allowed him to nab a spot on Adam Levine’s platoon, though he was ultimately excluded from the competition.

 Nearly four times latterly, Neal went on to contend on America’s Got Talent in 2020. He auditioned with an original song called” Lost.” He was latterly excluded in the Judges’ Choice section of the Quarterfinals.

America's Got Talent and The Voice Alum Nolan Neal's Cause of Death Determined

Weeks After Neal Failed, Simon Cowell Participated His Studies on the Tragedy With PEOPLE.

” Unfortunately, it happens too important over the times,” Cowell, 62, says ahead of AGT’s live shows on Tuesday.” I was allowing about this the other day. People( who) passed too soon. Every time it happens, because you’ve gotten to know them, it’s horrible.”

” At that moment, it’s like,’ What can I say?'” he notes.” The unfortunate thing is it’s happed too numerous times and every time it happens, it’s hard.”

 Representing the February death of fellow AGT competitor Nightbirde, who was also his Golden Buzzer selection in season 16, Cowell says” After the last three times, it’s been tough. And also, you suppose everything’s okay and also commodity hits you like a story like that and it’s hard.”

” But all I can say is, what I have learned from this, is that you just take every day as it’s and you try and stay positive, you try and stay healthy,” he adds.” That is it. I mean, I was talking about this to someone before on, you are noway prepared for these days.”

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